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Customize Your Own KatanaOptions of a custom sword includes:Sword Size: Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto and custom size you choice.Blade Type: from the most basic 1060 steel, to high quality kobuse blades.Hi (blood groove): no groove or with groove.Ito (handle cord): Choose from cotton or slik or leather ito wrapping in a varitey of hues. SAME'GAWA(ray skin): 6 colors to choose from.Tsuka-maki(handle wrapping): Heneri-maki or Katate-maki.SAYA(scabbard): Select from normal saya or high quality saya..

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Hand Forged Japanese Saber fully rayskin saya clay tempered blade brass fittings

Japanese saber is a kind of commanding sword worn by Japanese army and Navy officers since Meiji Restoration. The scabbard of this Saber is decorated with nine brass lions, so we named this Saber "Nine Lions Saber"(九狮軍刀).This Saber was fully Handmade, the blade was made of 1095 folded steel, 100% full hand polished, it is very easy to slice paper. the blade was clay tempered (Differentiated Hardened), Real Natural Hamon, this blade is throughly refined and tempered, a special clay is applied to ..


Hand Forged Japanese TACHI Sword Hazuya Polished Full Tang Blade

This japanese samurai sword TACHI has been hand forged by the ancient method of sword. The blade was made of  folded steel. AISI 1060 High Carbon Steel has been folded 10 times creating 1024 layers for superior strength and flexibility. The visible tenuous undulating grain on the blade was resulted from folded repeatedly during forging. The steel has been throughly refined and tempered. A special clay is applied to the blade by hand, using a thin covering near the e..


Japanese Tachi Sword Folded Steel Clay Tempered Full Tang Blade Magpie and Plum Theme Copper Saya

This tachi sword is handmade with damascus folded steel and clay tempered. The blade is hand sharpened and hamon is authentic all the way up to the tip. The tsuba fittings are made of brass. The saya is wrapped in three color copper, which is moisture-proof and moisture-proof, and can imprison the sword. It is beautiful and will not shrink and crack due to weather and time. The scabbard is carved with three-color brass to engrave magpie and plum blossom, the magpie climbing the plum blossom is o..


Tachi Sword Japanese Samurai Folded Steel Hazuya Polish Blade Handmade For Sale

The tachi sword is handmade with damascus folded steel which is folded 13 times, creating 8192 layers. The blade is hand sharpened, clay tempered and hazuya polished. The hamon is authentic all the way up to the tip. It features full length no hi and defined Yokote and Chu-kissaki (tip). The tang is secured by two bamboo Mekugi. The tsuka has very tight hinerimaki (handle wrapping) using yellow synthetic ito over genuine white samegawa ray skin. The Tsuba (guard) is handcrafted brass. The Saya (..