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Why Buy From Us?

Direct Manufacturer: HanBon Forge is a sword manufacturer, not a second-hand dealer. This means that we have control over the entire production process, from designing and crafting the swords to quality control. As a direct manufacturer, we can ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and quality in their products.

Competitive Pricing: As there are no middlemen involved, HanBon Forge can provide their swords at competitive prices. By eliminating the additional markups from intermediaries, customers can enjoy more affordable pricing without compromising on the quality of the swords.

Wide Range of Selection: HanBon Forge offers a diverse selection of swords, including custom options. Whether you are looking for Japanese swords, Chinese swords, or movie/anime-inspired designs, we have a variety of choices to suit different preferences and interests.

Customer Satisfaction: HanBon Forge prioritizes customer satisfaction. we strive to provide excellent customer service, prompt communication, and ensure that our customers are happy with their purchases. We are dedicated to addressing any concerns or inquiries promptly to ensure a smooth buying experience.

By purchasing from HanBon Forge, you can have confidence in the quality of our swords, competitive pricing, and personalized service.