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1, Q: How do you accept payments?

A: We accept payments via PayPal or credit card. Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can still pay through their service with your debit or credit card.

2, Q: Do you offer any discount code?

A: Yes, we do. Please subscribe to our Newsletter, to get a discount code up to 10%. We also have some private events to our subscribers.


1, Q: Are the swords on HanBon Forge website real and authentic?

A: Yes, the swords offered on HanBon Forge are real and authentic. They are handcrafted using traditional techniques and made from high-quality materials.

2, Q: Are the swords handcrafted?

A: Yes, the swords at HanBon Forge are handcrafted.

3, Q: Can I customize my own sword?

A: Yes, at HanBon Forge, you have the option to customize your own sword. HanBon Forge offers a range of customization options to cater to individual preferences and needs. You can choose from various aspects of the sword, including the blade length, blade material, handle length, handle material, guard design, scabbard material, and more. Click HERE to customized your own sword.

4, Q: Are the swords suitable for martial arts practice?

A: Yes, the swords from HanBon Forge are suitable for martial arts practice. HanBon Forge produces high-quality swords that are designed to meet the demands of martial arts training and practice. These swords are crafted with careful attention to balance, weight distribution, and overall functionality, making them suitable for various martial arts disciplines.

5, Q: Are the blades sharp?

A: Yes, the blades of the swords from HanBon Forge are sharp. HanBon Forge is known for producing swords with sharp edges that are suitable for various purposes, including cutting exercises, martial arts practice, and functional use. The blades undergo meticulous sharpening processes to ensure they possess a keen cutting edge. Of Course, we also offer unsharpened blade if you need.

6, Q: How do I maintain and care for the sword?

A: Proper maintenance and care are essential to ensure the longevity and condition of your sword from HanBon Forge. Click HERE to learn Katana Maintenance Guide.

7, Q: Can I order sword accessories separately?

A: Yes, HanBon Forge offers the option to purchase sword accessories separately. We have a range of accessories available, such as sword stands, carrying cases, saya, and more. You can check our website or contact our customer support to inquire about the availability and pricing of specific sword accessories. > Click here to buy sword accessories

8, Q: Can I request engravings or personalized inscriptions on a sword?

A: Yes, We offer engraving or personalized inscription services for our swords. You can discuss your specific requirements with our customer support when placing a custom order. We will guide you on the available options, placement, and any additional charges associated with engraving or personalized inscriptions.

9, Q: Can I order a sword as a gift and have it shipped directly to the recipient?

A: Yes, you can order a sword as a gift and have it shipped directly to the recipient. During the checkout process, you can provide the recipient's shipping address, ensuring that the sword will be delivered directly to them. Additionally, you have the option to include a personalized message or gift note with the package.

Shipping & Return Policy

1, Q: What is your shipping method?

A: For US, Canada, France and Germany Orders: EMS (Worldwide Express Mail Service)

Other Orders: UPS Express or Fedex Express

2, Q: What is your international shipping policy?

A: We proudly ship worldwide. However, some items may have restrictions due to individual country laws. It is the customer's responsibility to understand and comply with all applicable import regulations for their location. We are not responsible for seized or destroyed shipments.

3, Q: Could you please provide tracking number to trace goods?

A: Yes, we'll supply you with the tracking number as well as the website, so that you are able to trace your parcel status whenever necessary.

4, Q: How about the packing, safe enough?

A: HanBon Forge ensures that our swords are packed securely to ensure safety during shipping. Each sword is packed using a super-thick foam box that provides high package density, completely wrapping the sword for protection. The foam box has extra-heavy elastic force, which helps absorb external forces and further ensures the safety of the product. Additionally, the package is wrapped with strong adhesive tape to make it waterproof and rust-proof. These packing measures are designed to keep the sword well-protected throughout the shipping process.

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