Chinese Swords

In ancient China, there was a saying of "eighteen kinds of martial arts", which actually refers to eighteen kinds of weapons. Generally refers to bows, cymbals, guns, sticks, knives, swords, spears, shields, axes, cymbals, halberd, quilt, whip, mace, hammers, forks, palladium, and gor. There are far more than eighteen kinds of weapons in Chinese martial arts. If we add a variety of odd-armed weapons and various hidden weapons, the total number of them can be more than one hundred.

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Cane Sword Chinese Jian Handmade Folded Steel Blade Ebony Scabbard Dragon Head Fittings

This cane sword is hand forged and hand sharpened using old Chinese method to create a perfect blade. The blade is folded with 13 times created 8192 layers, which shows beautiful grain pattern (HADA) with visible layers. The blade unlocks with a push of a button hidden in the alloy fitting. The handle and the scabbard are made of top quality ebony with alloy dragon design fittings. A rubber tip had been added to increase traction against the ground when walking. This sword Jian is strong enough ..


Chinese Han Jian sword damascus folded carbon steel for sale straight double edge blade sharp

This Han Jian sword is the result of a clay tempered (hardened) blade using folded carbon steel, creating beautiful grain pattern (HADA) and genuine hamon. Clay Tempered blade is more resistant and durable which has both strength and flexibility. The handle core is made of hard wood, with black and red silk cord tightly wrapped around the handle in the traditional "X" pattern. It is finished with a replica of an antique high quality brass tsuba (guard), mountings. The scabbard is made of red woo..


Chinese Sword "Qing Jian" Folded Pattern Steel Sharp Blade Ebony Sheath Real Hamon

This blade is made of folded steel (also know as pattern steel) with clay tempered, the whole process follows traditional sword technique. It's folded to 8192 layers with a nice intensive pattern on the blade. It comes in its original natural ebondy wood scabbard and handle. All parts original, pretty well-made fittings made of brass. It's a truly battle ready sword! In order to avoid getting rusted, it should not be stored in damp place nor contact with sour, salty substances.Chinese Sword "Qin..


Chinese Sword Ming Dynasty Emperor YongLe's Jian Folded Steel Clay Tempered 8 Side Twisted-Grained Blade

This sword design fllowed the sword of "Yongle". Yongle was a hero of the third Ming Dynasty emperor Yongle (1402-1424), who moved the Capital City of China from Nanjing to the present location of Beijing.This sword, equipped with a lion face design. It has fittings adorned with a combination of Chinese and Tibetan-style design motifs. The blade is eight-sided and is highly polished twisted-grained forge folded steel with clay tempered, the folding pattern is clearly visible. The hamon is authen..


Chinese Zodiac Jian Sword Folded Steel Double Hi Blade Full Tang Fighting Style

The blade of the Jian has been constructed from forge damascus folded steel, highly hand polished and hand sharpened. The blade is full tang with two blood grooves. The handle core is made of wood which is tightly wrapped with light brown silk cord tied in the traditional "X" pattern. The hand guard is robust and made of alloy. The scabbard is masterfully made with dark ebony wood, with the wood contouring to the shape of the sword. This sword is sharpened to allow for cutting exercises.Chinese ..


Dragon Jian Chinese Sword Hazuya Polish Blade Damascus Folded Steel Fighting

The Jian sword is the result of a hazuya polishing blade using our damascus folded steel. The eight sided blade is hand made of 1060 steel which is folded 13 times and created 8192 layers grain pattern (HADA). The scabbard and handle are hard rosewood, it features brass mountings with ancient three-colour dragon design. It can be used by advanced Tai Chi practitioners, Kung Fu stylists, or those who may want to test its cutting capabilities. Dragon Jian Chinese Sword Hazuya Polish Blade Dam..


Dragon-Phoenix Jian Sword Chinese Folded Pattern Steel Clay Tempered Blade Ebony Saya

This dragon-Phoenix Sword Jian is clay tempered damascus folded steel, which shows genuine hamon, beautiful Hada (folded pattern) on the blade. The sword's blade is making by the ancient Chinese ways, hand forged and hand sharpened. The scabbard and handle are top quality ebony decorated with exquisite brass fittings. A brown silk cord is tied around the upper half of the scabbard. You can contact us if you need customized blade engravings or other changes. Once complete, item pictures will be s..


Fighting Spear Shaft Chinese Sword T10 Steel Blade Stick Kung Fu Martial Arts Weapon

The Chinese spear is also known as Qiang which is the most common long-handled weapon used by Chinese soldiers. It is one of the earliest known battle weapons and was known as “the king of a thousand soldiers.”This spear sword consists of four components - blade, rod, sheath and accessories. The sharp blade is made of T10 steel, the stainless steel rod can be fully disassembled and assembled. It comes with a thick leather sheath for protecting the sharp blade. Fighting Spear Shaft Chinese S..


Folded Steel Chinese Han Jian Sword Clay Tempered Blade Hualee Wood Scabbard Hand Forged

The blade of this Chinese Han Jian sword has been hand forged using the ancient method of sword making, full hand forged, hand polished and hand sharpened. This blade is made of folded steel and has folded 13 times to create the 8192 layers, and it is clay tempered with water quenching. The wood core handle is wrapped with brown cord from the guard down. Sheath is made by hualee wood, in the middle of the wrap you can see a detailed, cast brass ornament. The fittings on this sword are made of hi..


Guan Dao Yanyue Kwan Dao Dragon Head Chinese Martial Arts 1095 Carbon Steel Sharp Blade

One of the most iconic of Chinese weapons, the Guan Dao / Yanyue dao (偃月刀) is commonly known as "Guandao". It was named after the famous general Guan Yu, an actual historical figure that was deified as early as the Sui dynasty as a symbol of loyalty and righteousness. This product is made of 1095 high carbon steel with a broad blade and dragon head fittings. Overall length is 246 cm from top to bottom. The handle is made of stainless steel with alloy fittings. Guan Dao Yanyue Kwan Dao Drago..


Handmade Han Jian 1095 High Carbon Steel Chinese Dragon Sword Silver Alloy Tsuba Full Tang

"The Gentleman of Weapons" Chinese Sword Jian (剑) is considered one of the four major weapons, along with the Gun (staff), Qiang (spear), and the Dao (sabre). This sword was made with traditional forging technologies. The blade is 1095 high carbon steel engraved with beautiful patterns. The wood core handle is in black cord wrapped from the guard down, the mouth fits the V shaped hand guard neatly. Scabbard is solid wood decorated with silver alloy ornaments. It can be used by advanced Tai Chi p..


Authentic Chinese Dragon Swords Jian Damascus Steel Eight-Sided Blade Ebony Scabbard

The jian is Chinese straight, double edged sword weapon for training by many styles of Chinese martial arts. The blade of every sword we offer is individually hand forged and polished. This eight-sided blade has been constructed from damascus folded steel, through hardened, and highly hand polished with no hi. The folding pattern is clearly visible. Bamboo peg secure the full tang. The scabbard and handle are top quality ebony with dragon design brass mountings. This Jian sword is functional and..


Black Jian Sword Dragon Design Chinese Hand Folded Steel Blade Genuine Rayskin Sheath

The blade of the Dragon Design Jian (剑) has been constructed in the Damascus Steel folding technique, which is folded 13 times and creating 8,192 layers folded pattern. The hamon of the sword is authentic after claying tempered. It features full tang and double sharpened edge. The guard and matching fittings are made of brass with hand carving dragon design. The scabbard and handle are hard wood wrapped with black genuine rayskin. This Jian sword is sharp enough to cut through fresh bamboos, sma..


Brotherhood of Blades Dao Chinese Sword Embroidered Uniform Guard of The Ming Dynasty Sharp

Brotherhood of Blades are the swords used by Embroidered Uniform Guard (simplified Chinese: Jinyiwei ) of the Ming Dynasty in China. Embroidered Uniform Guard was the imperial secret police that served the emperors of the Ming dynasty in China. This sword is made of damascus folded steel, 13 times folding process creats beautiful folded pattern you can see on blade. The six sided blade is fully handmade with blood grooves. The scabbard is made of top quality ebony. The exquisite fittings on this..


Cane Sword Handmade Full Tang Sharp Fighting Blade For Sale

The walking cane sword is constructed by forging and folding 1060 carbon steel together 13 times. This process is carried out until there are up 8192 layers, creating beautiful grain like patterns in the steel. Using the fold forging method was to tranaform iron in to high quality steel and make the blade more strong. The blade of this sword unlocks with a push of a button hidden in the brass metal fitting. A rubber tip had been added to increase traction against the ground when walking. This sw..