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Tsuba are the iconic round or oval guard fittings located at the base of the tsuka or hilt on Japanese swords. As one of the main components of a sword's koshirae mounting, tsubas provide both protection and decoration.

At HanBon Forge, browse our collection of high quality tsubas made from various materials like iron and brass. Featuring authentically crafted designs that capture themes from nature such as bamboo and carp, as well as stylistic motifs like eagles and cranes.

Suits a range of blade types from katana and tanto to wakizashi. Each tsuba comes ready to mount on your sword's hilt completion. Affordable pricing and speedy worldwide delivery available.

Enhance your samurai sword's appearance and complete its traditional fittings with an attractive, durable tsuba from our online store. Shop now for tsubas and other Japanese sword accessories.

This high quality  tsuba is made of IRON, they can be put on Katana Tanto or Wakizashi swords...
Japenese Samurai Sword Koshirae ALLY TSUBA Japenese Samurai Sword Koshirae ALLY TSUBA
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The following tsubas are made of alloy, they can be put on Katana or Wakizashi swords. The length of the below tsubas are around 8-9cm, the width are around 7-8cm, if you need more detail information, please feel free to contact us: swordsmith688@hotmail...
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