Ninjutsu, also known as ninpo, is a traditional Japanese method that involves ninjas using unconventional warfare and guerrilla tactics. In feudal Japan, there are two key occupations responsible for protecting and defending the country from invaders: samurai and ninja, the latter specializing in the art of spying, infiltration, and assassination. The term "ninjutsu" refers to these exercises performed by ninjas.


The origin of ninjutsu


I don't know who invented ninjutsu, or when it was created. However, it is reported that Japanese espionage activities originated during the reign of Prince Shotoku (572-622). At that time, Shengtoku assigned ninjas to monitor his opponents, paying close attention to their actions and behaviors. In the following years, other senior Japanese officials followed in his footsteps and hired ninjas to conduct espionage and infiltration.

Although the exact origin of ninjutsu is open to question, the first known use of the term "ninjutsu" occurred during the Genpei War in Japan. In the 1100s, Japanese military commander Gen Yoshitsune selected a group of highly respected warriors and used guerrilla warfare tactics to attack the invading army.


Ninjutsu in Feudal Japan


Ninja surgery became the basic method of survival in feudal Japan, especially during the Warring States period in the region. Shinobi used their guerrilla warfare tactics to survive other subtle periods, during which the fighting clans constantly attacked each other. The principles of ninjutsu include running, invisibility, disguise, avoidance, archery, medicine, and of course fighting.

However, the most important skill a ninja masters may be espionage. When the samurai is fighting on the front line, the task of the ninja is to sneak into the enemy without being spotted so that they can gather intelligence and report to their master.


Ninjutsu weapons


Like their samurai counterparts, ninjas use a variety of weapons to perform their duties. This includes traditional japanese swords such as katana, wakazashi, tanto and ninjato, as well as invisible tools such as kaginawa (grappling hooks) and axes.

Shinobi also uses various projectile weapons. For example, a fukiya is a blowgun that can fire darts, many of which become lethal by dipping the tip into poison. Some ninjas use bows and arrows called yumi and ya.

However, even with these unique weapons, the main weapon of choice for ninjas is the katana. Its curved blade allows the ninja to draw the sword quickly and attack before the opponent defends.

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