Japanese Samurai Sword Set (Katana+Wakizashi+Tanto) Folded Steel Full Tang Clay Tempered Blade Dragon Tsuba Custom

Japanese Samurai Sword Set (Katana+Wakizashi+Tanto) Folded Steel Full Tang Clay   Tempered Blade Dragon Tsuba Custom

Important Notes:


(1): We offer custom service. If you do not like the fittings on this sword, you can select your preferred options from the dropdown. Click here to view all available Japanese swords fittings.


(2): We offer blade engraving service, it is FREE to engrave Chinese characters, English letters or Japanese kanji on the blade by Laser engraving machine. please write engraving contents in the note when you pay.


(3): We will ship sword to you by EMS Express. we will send tracking numbers to your registered mail after parce sent.


(4): Each customized sword comes with a free sword bag and a certificate of authenticity.

This sword set comes with 3 matching swords: Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto. They are all full tang clay tempered damascus folded steel blade. Damascus folded steel is made by 1060 carbon steel which was folded 13 times creating 8192 layers, you can see the subtle and visible layers on blade. This not only looks beautiful but also has flexibility. Clay Tempering is the process of using clay to insulate the parts of the metal that you want softened so that when the sword is heated and quenched, they cool more slowly. Then you can actually see the difference in hard and soft metal because there is a visible temper line (beautiful curves) on the blade, called the hamon. Clay tempered blade is more resistant and durable which has both strength and flexibility. It is also available to customize hamon structure if you send us details, such as hamon pictures.

This Sword Set is Chu Kissaki (medium length) and SHINOGI-ZUKURI in shape, it is well defined with the hamon going all the way through the Boshi. It is UNOKUBI-ZUKURI blade, there are two blood grooves on each side. Blade is strong enough to cut through fresh bamboos, small trees, straw mats, slice papers etc. Dragon themed Tsuba, kashira, fuchi, menuki are made of top quality brass, two seppas (spacer) secured the tsuba. The tang of the sword is secured by two bamboo mekugi (pegs). The tsuka (handle) core is wooden and it is tightly wrapped by genuine ray skin (samegawa) with black silk ito, and it is katate-maki (battle wrap). The saya (sheath) of the sword is hard hualee wood.

Japanese Samurai Sword Set (Katana+Wakizashi+Tanto) Folded Steel Full Tang Clay Tempered Blade Dragon Tsuba Custom  Features:

  • HanBon Forge Handmade Japanese sword set
  • Clay tempered damascus folded steel
  • Full tang sharp blade battle ready
  • UNOKUBI-ZUKURI blade shape
  • Top quality hualee wood saya (sheath)
  • High quality black tsuka-ito and genuine ray skin
  • Very tight katate-maki (battle wrap)
  • Black synthetic silk sageo (saya cord)
  • Dragon themed Tsuba, kashira, fuchi, menuki
  • Brass habaki and seppas
  • Can be fully disassembled and assembled
  • Used for Iaito / Cutting / Display
  • This sword set comes with free sword bags and certificates of authenticity

KATANA Size: Over Length: 41" ;  Blade Length: 27.7" ; Handle Length: 10.5"

WAKIZASHI Size: Overall Length:  30.7"; Nagasa Length: 19.7"; Handle Length: 8.1"

TANTO Size: Over Length: 19.9"; Blade Length: 11.8"; Handle Length: 7.7"

NOTE:  If you do not like the color or Mountings on this sword, please click HERE to choose different mountings.

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