Japanese Swords Fittings

Japanese swords fittings




The "rayskin" (sometimes called shagreen) is actually fish skin taken from specific species of stingray or shark. It has been used on Japanese Sword handles for a very long time mostly due to its rough texture which when wrapped with 'cord', denies the cord from slipping.





TSUKA-ITO  is the cord wrap on the handles of Japanese swords. Its purpose is both aesthetic and functional, Ito comes in a wide array of color to suit every taste, and it helps reinforce the tsuka and prevent failure.   





L01:Dark Gray  L02:White  L03:Light Black  L04:Red-Brown  L05:Black   L06:Dark Coffe  L07:Dark Blue  L08:Gold  L09:Dark Brown



SAGEO 下緒 (+$10)

The Sageo 下緒 (さげお)  have been used on Japanese swords for many centuries. The purpose of the Sageo is to hold the scabbard into the obi belt and keep it from slipping. It is also used at times to secure the katana into its saya by wrapping the sageo around the tsuka and tying it off.





Tsuka-maki- the art of wrapping the tsuka, including the most common hineri-maki and katate-maki (battle wrap); You can choose the warpping  between them, Our focus is making the wrap as tight as possible to keep if functional as long as possible.





Normal SAYA

The saya is a wooden scabbard for the blade; traditionally done in lacquered wood. Our saya are manufactured from very dry wood, they are not can keep the shape of the saya, but also can ensure the blade is not easy to rust.


S01: Green  S02: Blue  S03: White  S04: Black/Red  S05: Deep Blue with  speckle  S06: Deep red with  speckle  S07: Black matt  finish  S08: Red  S09: Yellow   S10: Black  high gloss finish  S11: Reddish  brown with black speckle  S12: Black  with red threadiness  S13: Yellow  stripe  S14: Reddish  brown stripe  S15:White  with black fumy  S16: Black/white


High Qualty Japanese Sword SAYA (+$45)

Here there are many high quality SAYA for available, Each Saya is fitted with genuine Water Buffalo Horn Kurikata, Koiguchi and Kojiri. you can ungrade the saya for an addtional $45.




We can make engraving on the SAYA(scabbard), Following samples are fully traditional HAND-CARVED.

The following engravings are available with different color SAYA.


E01: Plum blossom   E02: Japanese  warrior   E03: Orchid   E04: Magpie on  the branch   E05: Bamboo   E06: Crane   E07: Mandarin  duck              E08: Oriental Dragon   E09: Phoenix   E10: Cherry  blossom



TSUBA ( or )  is usually a round or occasionally squarish guard at the end of the grip of bladed Japanese weapons, like the katana and its various declinations, tachi, wakizashi, tantō etc. They contribute to the balance of the weapon and to the protection of the hand. The tsuba was mostly meant to be used to prevent the hand from sliding onto the blade during thrusts as opposed to protecting from an opponent's blade.

We have about 200 kinds of tsuba, they can be roughly divided into four groups, ALLOY TSUBA, IRON TSUBA, BRASS TSUBA and HIGH QUALITY BRASS TSUBA.

Alloy Tsuba

Iron Tsuba (+$20)


Fine finished Alloy Tsuba


High Quality Brass Tsuba ($45)

     H01-H03 : Free ;       H04-H05:  +$10  ;        H06-H10: +$5  ;    SP01-SP04: Free


Sword Bag (free)


Sword Stand Display  (click HERE to buy stand)

Sword Box (+$45)