Dragon Jian Chinese Sword Damascus Folded Steel Hazuya Polish Blade Genuine Hamon

New Dragon Jian Chinese Sword  Damascus Folded Steel Hazuya Polish Blade Genuine Hamon

This historical sword has a double-edged straight blade measuring 77 centimeters. The handle of this Chinese Jian measures 20 centimeters, making it in total 103 cm of powerful steel with blade width of 3.5 centimeters. This Jian sword is made of Damascus folded steel blade with Hazuya polishing clay tempered. The blade features 8,192 layers of steel, giving it beautiful visible hada. There is a visible temper line on the blade, called the hamon because of the clay-tempering process. This process makes the blade has both strength and flexibility, which is the hallmark of a high-quality sword. The more importance is that the blade was polished by HAZUYA which is a very thin Uchigumori stone fixed with paper, a specific stone to bring up hamon, the stone is very fine and soft against the steel. The tsuba, fuchi and matching fittings are all made of pure brass in hollow dragon design. Its scabbard is made with a high quality ebony wood. 

Dragon Jian Chinese Sword Damascus Folded Steel Hazuya Polish Blade Genuine Hamon Features:

  • HanBon Forge Chinese Jian Sword
  • Handmade Damascus folded steel
  • Clay tempered hazuya polishing blade
  • The hamon is authentic all the way up to the tip
  • Double edged straight blade, Very sharp
  • 13 times hand polishing process
  • Hollow dragon design full brass mountings
  • Top quality black ebony scabbard
  • Can be fully disassembled and assembled
  • Include the certificate of authenticity

Jian Size:

Overall length: 103 cm

Blade length: 77 cm

Handle length: 20 cm

Blade width: 3.5 cm

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