Japanese sword mountings that hold the blade of a Japanese sword are very particular, there are different types of mountings in different periods. According to the different mountings, the samurai worrior carries swords in different ways. It's no wonder that there are so many ways to match a sword in a movie or anime.


The mountings of Japanese swords also include Saya, Tsuka, Mekugi, Menuki, Tsuba ,Fuchi, Kashira, Seppa, Habaki etc.

The tsuka is the handle or hilt of the Japanese sword. The traditional tsuka will be made from wood and custom fit to the blades tang and held by 1-2 mekugi pins. The ornaments on the handle are called menuki and under the wrap there is ray skin (Samegawa). The tsuka is wrapped by ito (silk / cotton / leather) with Katate-Maki (Battle Wrap) or Tsumami-MakI (Trditional wrap) wrapping style. 

Saya (鞘) is the Japanese term for a scabbard. It is made of natural hard wood, ebony, hualee wood etc. A sageo (下緒 or 下げ緒) usually is wrapped and tied on the saya for display. 

A tsuba  (鍔, or 鐔) is the hand guard mounted on a Japanese sword. It serves to protect the hand of the sword holder from an attack by an enemy as well as from gliding into the sword blade. The subjects for decorations on the tsuba were taken from religion, history, Japanese mythology and nature. 


Fuchi, a cap type collar or ferrule which covers the opening in the tsuka of a Japanese sword. The tang of the sword goes into the tsuka through the opening in the fuchi. The kashira is the end cap (pommel) on the tsuka.

The habaki is basically a small piece of brass collar that is used on japanese swords. It has the double purpose of locking the tsuba (guard) in place, and to maintain the weapon in its saya (scabbard). The habaki are available in 2 colors: silver and gold.

The brass seppa (silver / gold) are two thin plates used in front of and behind the tsuba to tighten the fittings and adjust the fitting of the sword, seppa can be ornate or plain. 

Japanese sword mountings developed into a kind of a status symbol for the sword owner. 

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