The history and culture contained in China for five thousand years have a long history. Whether it is spiritual culture or material culture, it is the cultural crystallization of the cohesion of human beings in the past. As time goes by, occasionally history will be exaggerated, such as weapons-swords. Its existence is somewhat fictional and some real, and what I want to say are the four famous swords that actually exist in Chinese history.
As we all know, the culture represented by the sword and the level of technology reflected not only make martial arts practitioners eager for the famous sword, even Taoism is willing to combine with the change of the sword to express its views. It represents a material culture. Form, it reflects the development of sword-making technology from generation to generation, and later it even became a status symbol, which is related to the Yue King Goujian sword and the Qin King sword mentioned.

1) The King of Yue Goujian(越王剑): It is the sword supported by the King of Yue. I was fortunate enough to see the true face of King Goujian on TV. It was a variety show, which was mainly an exhibition and explained the material culture deposited by the history. The Goujian sword is one of the representatives of Hubei Provincial Museum. The decoration is clear and exquisite, and the coldness is pressing. It represents the superb sword-making technology in Wuyue land in the middle and late Spring and Autumn Period. After so many years, there is no rust when unearthed, and The blade is still extremely sharp, worthy of being the king's sword of the Spring and Autumn Overlord.

2) King Qin Sword(秦王剑): It is also called the Tai'a sword, but whether this unearthed it is the Tai'a sword of Qin Shihuang remains to be verified. It was shocked at home and abroad when it was unearthed, because when the staff removed the fallen terracotta warrior on this squashed bronze sword, it actually recovered the shape of the sword itself, and this technology is very high in the 21st century. Technology products, it is impossible to imagine how incredible the sword-making technology was at that time. So far, sword culture is a manifestation of Chinese civilization and even human civilization. Some of the ancient people’s technological level is one step ahead of our current world. Whether it is a sword that exists or has disappeared, they have all appeared in history and culture and are worthy of us. Respect and protection, Jiulong Baojian and Zhan Lujian are good examples.

3) The Nine Dragon Sword(九龙宝剑): It is the funerary of Emperor Qianlong. It is said to be five feet long, with nine golden dragons carved on it. Even the scabbard is made of shark skin, and it is inlaid with red sapphires and diamonds. It has to be said to be invaluable. The combination of the shape of the Nine Dragon Sword and the Mongolian curved sword was also a manifestation of cultural fusion at that time. However, it is a pity that I will never see its true content again. When Dai Li ran away with the tower, the plane crashed into the mountain and died. The Nine Dragons Sword was also turned into scrap iron fragments and turned into spring mud. It is worth mentioning that the people who have been in contact with it, such as Dai Li and Yoshiko Kawashima, had a miserable end. For the legendary Nine Dragon Sword, this is probably also a good home.

4) Zhan Lu Jian(湛卢剑): If the King of Qin Sword is a powerful sword, then Zhan Lu Jian is a sword of benevolence, because although it is invincible, it does not carry the slightest murderousness. It is Ou Yezi's life effort and dream. Its legend is no less than that of the Nine Dragon Sword, but its fate is ill-fated, and it has changed owners many times, and has been lost to the world since Yue Fei was killed. It was ranked as the second of the top ten famous swords in ancient my country, and the inability to see the true content is a pity for people in the world today, as well as a pity in the history of sword culture.

The four famous Chinese swords mentioned above, although some are missing and some are dilapidated, the traces of their existence cannot be obliterated, the technology they represent cannot be obliterated, and the spirit they have been endowed cannot be obliterated, and they are still in existence. The sword culture and history of China for thousands of years left a heavy mark.



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