Liuyedao (柳葉刀) is a traditional Chinese sword that originated in the Ming Dynasty. It is characterized by a long and curved blade which was synonymous with other popular Chinese swords at that time. However, Liuyedao has some unique characteristics that make it stand out.


Liuyedao's design


Liuyedao, also known as willow-leaf saber, is usually designed with a straight blade with a medium curve. Countless other Chinese swords produced in the Ming Dynasty also used curved blades, but the knifemaker designed a more prominent curved blade for Liuyedao to increase its cutting and slashing power. By increasing the arc of Liuyedao's blade, this traditional Chinese sword is more effective in performing cutting and slashing attacks. But the disadvantage is that it reduces Liuyedao's thrust. Nevertheless, the swordsmiths and warriors found it worthwhile to weigh the increased cutting force against the reduced thrust, so they continued to create and use Liuyedao throughout the Ming and Qing dynasties of China.

In terms of size, Liuyedao is not too small or too big. Different swordsmiths have designed Liuyedao of different lengths. 36 to 39 inches is the most common length of traditional Chinese swords. Assuming it is made of steel-almost all Liuyedao is steel-this allows a lightweight design weighing only 2 to 3 pounds.



How is Liuyedao used


Liuyedao was used like other traditional Chinese swords at the time. Warriors carry it in a sheath attached to their backs or belts. When encountering an enemy, they will use it to chop, stab, and other common attacks.

It should be noted that Liuyedao is used by infantry and cavalry fighters. Its moderate length makes it a versatile weapon that can be used in various scenarios. Infantry can use it like other swords to perform the above attacks, while cavalry can use Liuyedao to slash and pierce attacks on horseback.

In addition to fighting in the real world, Liuyedao is also widely used in traditional Chinese martial arts. Several Chinese martial arts schools include Liuyedao in their courses, allowing practitioners to use this traditional Chinese sword for training.

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