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Frequently Asked Questions

HanBon Forge is a sword manufacturer. NOT reseller. We specialize in crafting and creating swords using traditional techniques and materials. We offer a wide range of swords for sale on our website, including custom options.

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HanBon Forge is a sword manufacturer, not a reseller. This means that we can provide our swords at competitive prices. By eliminating the additional markups from intermediaries, customers can enjoy more affordable pricing without compromising on the quality of the swords.
We have control over the entire production process, from designing and crafting the swords to quality control. As a direct manufacturer, we can ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and quality in their products.
Yes, at HanBon Forge, you have the option to customize your own sword. HanBon Forge offers a range of customization options to cater to individual preferences and needs. You can choose from various aspects of the sword, including the blade length, blade material, handle length, handle material, guard design, scabbard material, and more.
For more detail regarding Custom Swords, please see the our Custom Sword page here:

Yes, at Hanbon Forge, we offer customization services for a wide range of swords beyond Katana, Wakizashi, and Tanto. We understand that different sword styles hold unique significance and appeal to enthusiasts and collectors alike.

In addition to the aforementioned traditional swords, we can also custom create other sword types such as Tachi, Nodachi, Nagamaki, Shirasaya, Naginata, Ninjato, Chinese Dao, Chinese Jian and more. These swords possess their own historical and cultural importance, and we are dedicated to bringing them to life according to your specifications.

To discuss your custom sword requirements or inquire about the availability of other sword types, please contact our team directly. We will be delighted to assist you, provide personalized quotes, and discuss timelines for your custom order.

Yes, the swords at HanBon Forge are handcrafted and all blades are Full Tang.

Yes, HanBon Forge provides certificates for our swords. Each sword purchased from us typically comes with a certificate of authenticity. This certificate serves as proof that the sword is a genuine product from HanBon Forge and provides information about the sword's specifications, craftsmanship, and materials used. The certificate adds value to the sword and ensures its authenticity and quality.
Yes, we do. Please subscribe to our Newsletter, to get a discount code up to 10%. We also have some private events to our subscribers.
Yes, HanBon Forge offers a blade engraving service. We can engrave Chinese characters, English letters, or Japanese kanji on the blade using an engraving machine, and this service is provided for free. Additionally, We can engrave simple logos or other designs on the blade using etching or laser engraving techniques. However, there is an additional fee of $20 for such custom engravings, and it typically takes 3-7 days to complete the engraving process.

Yes, you can order a sword as a gift and have it shipped directly to the recipient. During the checkout process, you can provide the recipient's shipping address, ensuring that the sword will be delivered directly to them. Additionally, you have the option to include a personalized message or gift note with the package.

For US, Canada, France and Germany Orders: EMS (Worldwide Express Mail Service) or SF Express

Other Countries' Order: UPS Express or Fedex Express

Delivery Time(approximately):

U.S: 5-10 days;  Canada: 2 weeks; France: 2 weeks; Germany: 2 weeks

Other Countries: 2 Weeks

Yes, HanBon Forge provides order tracking for customers. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number that you can use to monitor the progress of your shipment. This allows you to stay updated on the estimated delivery time and location of your package.

Some customers may encounter this issue during the payment process, and it is usually due to incorrect information provided for the city, postal code, or state. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the accuracy of the address information when filling out the form.

Yes, after the custom sword is completed, we will send pictures to the customer for confirmation before proceeding with the final shipping arrangements.

If the customer is not satisfied with the custom sword, we allow for some modifications to be made based on the customer's feedback.

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