Dao is a traditional Chinese sword, usually used as a machete. Together with the rod, the Qiang, and the sword, it is one of the four traditional weapons of China. To learn more about Tao and its characteristics, please continue reading.
Tao is a traditional Chinese sword that originated in the Shang Dynasty (1766 BC to 1122 BC) in the country. It is considered to be one of the four main weapons used in China during this period. The other three are guns, spears and another sword called the sword.

Characteristics of Dao


Like other traditional Chinese swords, many different versions of Dao have been produced. The size, shape, style, and aesthetics vary by swordsman and production time. Having said that, most swords use a saber-like design with a single-edged curved blade.

However, the arc of Dao is not as prominent as other curved blade swords like the katana. As shown in the picture above, it is characterized by a slight curve towards the tip of the blade. Historians believe that this bending makes it easier for soldiers to penetrate the road.


How the Dao is used


Dao is mainly used by Chinese fighters on the battlefield. With its medium-length blades, it has proven to help defend against enemy attacks. In addition, Dao is especially popular among warriors on horseback. They can easily withdraw it from the sheath and engage their opponents at a safe distance.


Dao's history


Some known uses of Dao can be traced back to the Bronze Age during the Shang Dynasty in China. At that time, these swords were straight or slightly curved and made of bronze. Of course, not only are bronze swords difficult to produce due to the huge resources required, but they are also vulnerable to damage. However, at the end of the Warring States Period in China, Chinese knifemakers began to make swords from iron and high-carbon steel, the latter proved to be particularly useful in making durable blades.

However, during this period, China had other swords, including swords. However, the sword is mainly used as a self-defense weapon, while the Dao is a more versatile weapon for attack and defense. The sword gradually faded out of people's sight, and at the end of the Three Kingdoms, it was replaced by Dao.

Today, Dao is used in many Chinese swordsmanship and martial arts practice. And because of its historical significance, it is also a popular sword owned by collectors.

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