Although Japanese Katana is the most famous sword in Asia, China also produces various chinese sword, one of which is the Tai ji jian. However, this decorative sword is usually not used in combat. On the contrary, Tai ji is mainly used in Chinese martial arts.
Taijijian (Chinese: 太极剑
) is a straight two-edged sword used to train Chinese martial arts Tai ji . In traditional Taijiquan schools, straight swords sometimes have tassels and sometimes they don’t. They are used for upper body training and martial arts training. Different home schools have various warm-up training, formal training and fencing training for swordsman training. 

The history of Tai ji 
The origin of the Tai ji jian is still unknown, although some historians believe that it originated during the Qing Dynasty (1636-1644). At that time, the Yang family and Wu family established a martial arts school to teach students how to use this sword. This martial art is called Tai ji, because it emphasizes the use of Tai ji, so it has become more and more popular.

Starting from Tai Chi, practitioners use Tai ji for training. Some of these exercises were conducted individually, while others were conducted with other practitioners. In any case, the use of Tai Chi revolves around the use of Tai ji jian. Even today, thousands of people all over the world practice traditional Chinese martial arts while using Tai ji.

Tai ji Features

As shown in the picture above, the Tai ji jian is a straight double-edged sword, usually decorated with colorful tassels on the bottom of the pommel. This is in sharp contrast to many traditional Japanese swords, including samurai swords with curved single-edged blades.

Straight swords like Tai ji jian are easier to manufacture because they do not require differential heat treatment. The downside is that they break more easily. Without a flexible spine, Tai ji jian and other straight swords often break on impact. But considering that Tai ji is specifically designed for martial arts, this is not a problem.

Tai ji and Wushu: What is the difference?

There are also martial arts swords, which are similar to Tai ji jian in appearance and design. However, these two are two unique swords, each with its own characteristics.

Martial arts is a lighter, more modern version of Tai ji. It still has the same straight, double-edged design as similar products, but the Tai ji jian is lighter because of its thinner blade design and less metal consumption. In addition, martial arts are specially designed, so it will produce a lot of sound when used in martial arts competitions.

Tai ji is rarely seen in combat. On the contrary, it is mainly reserved for martial arts such as Tai ji. Today, it is still an important part of Chinese culture, reflecting the importance of martial arts in the region during the Qing Dynasty.

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