Huan Shou Dao is named after the round ring at the end of handle. Huan Shou Dao was born in the Western Han Dynasty. It was the most advanced and most lethal close-in cold weapon in the world. After the demise of the Qin Dynasty, the Western Han Dynasty gradually evolved into a more stable and powerful centralized feudal state. During this historical period, Huan Shou Dao began to replace the Jian sword as a major fighting weapon for large-scale use.
The Western Han Dynasty was an iron age with booming steelmaking industry. Steel provides a tougher skeleton of the weapon, which gives birth to Huan Shou Dao up to 1 meter long. At that time, the cavalry team had no saddles and stables. Huan Shou Dao can withstand the stress of violent slashing because of thick sword spine and straight narrow blade. Straight blade is good for stabbing. It is more powerful than the long jian sword, and the probability of breaking is much lower.
Huan Shou Dao is easier to made than Jian sword - Single-sided cutting is easier and less time-saving than double-sided cutting. It is suitable for mass production, rapid popularization, and can become a large number of equipment weapons in the military.
The power of slashing is quite strong, but there is no curvature to reduce the reaction force and add the cutting distance when the blade slides, making it shocking your hand when cutting. The ring on the handle is designed to make the handle not easy to remove. In the early days, the rope was wrapped around the ring, and the rope on the ring was placed on the wrist. The rope can effectively prevent the weapon from getting rid of the hand when killing enemy at close range.
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