Some of the earliest swords in the world were produced in China. Although China has created dozens of swords in its 8000-year history, the most famous sword among them is Wodao. It means "sword of the wo people", the sword is long and thick, and it can strike forcefully.


The history of Wodao


The origin of Wodao(倭刀) can be traced back to China's Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). During this period, General Qi Jiguang began a task of expelling pirates from China's coastal territories. Among other things, he relied heavily on the use of Wodao in the military's weapons and equipment. Jiguang even wrote about my sword in a military manual called "Extreme Filial Piety", describing it as a powerful and heavy sword that gave his soldiers a competitive advantage over the enemy. With the Wodao in the hands of the army, Qi Jiguang was able to drive the pirates out of China's coastal territories.


Overview of Wodao


Although it is designed in a variety of sizes, most Wodao blades are about 31 to 35 inches (80 to 90 cm) long. Of course, compared to other Chinese swords and Japanese swords, this makes it a fairly large sword. The blade is 31 to 35 inches, wodao is very heavy. This allows for powerful blows when wielded and used as weapons, but at the cost of speed and maneuverability.

Like other traditional Chinese swords, Wodao is characterized by a curved single-edged sword. As shown above, it has no prominent curves. It is a small curve, enough to enhance the versatility of the sword.

Due to its size and weight, the Chinese warrior wields my sword with both hands instead of one. In the early 1920s, Cao Kun formed a branch of the Chinese army, dedicated to the use of two-handed swords, such as wodao. Known as the Miaodao branch, it focuses on teaching soldiers how to effectively handle and use our way in battle.


Wodao and Tachi


Wodao has several common features with Japanese tachi, including similar blade length and single-edged curved design. In fact, some historians believe that tachi was designed using Wodao's framework. Considering that Japanese samurai often used wodao, this makes sense. As the samurai become proficient in wodao, they may seek to design their own sword, which leads to the creation of tachi.

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