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Ruyi Jian Chinese Sword Fire Pattern Blade Damascus Folded Steel Ebony Sheath Fighting

Ruyi is a curved decorative object that serves as a ceremonial sceptre in Chinese Buddhism or a talisman symbolizing power and good fortune in Chinese folklore. The blade of this Ruyi jian sword is hand forged, 13 times folding procedures, 8,192 layers. Gold fire pattern on blade is special treated by electroplating. The tsuba, fuchi, kashira are made of exquisite brass. The scabbard and handle are top quality black ebony. This sword is sharpened to allow for cutting exercises.Ruyi Jian Chinese ..


Tricolor Copper Han Jian Dragon Sword Chinese Weapon Folded Steel Clay Temper Blade

The jian is a double-edged straight sword used during the last 2,500 years in China. The blade of this Han Jian sword has been constructed from Damascus Folded steel with Clay tempered. It has been folded 13 times, creating 8192 grain layers. The sword is fully capable of being used on traditional targets. The blade is fully sharpened and functional. "Clay tempering”is the process of using clay to insulate the parts of the metal that you want softened so that when the sword is heated and quenche..


YongLe's Jian sword Chinese Handmade Damascus Folded Steel Blade Genuine Hamon

This sword design fllowed the sword of "Yongle". Yongle was a hero of the third Ming Dynasty emperor Yongle (1402-1424), who moved the Capital City of China from Nanjing to the present location of Beijing. The blade of the Jian sword has been constructed from Damascus folded carbon steel with no hi, giving the blade clearly visible folding patterns. The hamon is authentic all the way up to the tip by clay tempered. Blade and handle made of one block of steel without welding. It features a brass ..