Saya (鞘) is a scabbard of a blade. Sayas are made the way not to scratch the blade and preserve his coating layers. The saya also has a horn knob (栗形 kurigata) on one side for attaching a braided cord (sageo), and may have a shitodome to accent the kurigata as well as an end cap (小尻 kojiri) made from metal. There is a wide selection of high quality saya, lacquered wood, rayskin wrapped saya.
A Saya is composed of several parts and several materials. The main material of a saya is wood, yet some parts are in metal and can be brass or buffalo horn. 

- A sageo (cord, 下緒 or 下げ緒) secures the saya of the sword to the obi (belt) goes through a hole in the kurikata. The rope is made of the same material that the tsuka ito and usually it is made of silk, cotton or leather.


- The kurikata (Kurigata) is a knob that is attached to the saya of a Japanese sword. The cord secures this part to the Obi (Japanese belt) by passing through the hole in the Kurikata.


- Koiguchi refers to the mouth of the Saya and its fittings, it can be in contact with the Tsuba or can be separated of it by few millimeters (4 to 5).


- The kojiri is the end cap of the saya or the protective fitting at the end of the saya. This item and the Koyiguci are usually made of Buffalo horns.


- Shito dome is an ornamental piece that is placed on the Kurikata. The Shito dome is commonly made of glowing metal that can be of various shapes and can even be a sculpture.

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