Whether you are a collector or a martial arts lover, whether you want to buy a katana, wakizashi or tanto, buying a new sword is a big decision. To help you find the sword that best suits your needs, you should avoid the following mistakes.


1) Choose a "decorative" sword


If you plan to use your sword—even if it's just for cutting bamboo—you should avoid buying decorative swords. Swords are usually classified as decorative or functional. Although both are usually made of steel, decorative swords are mass-produced using cheap materials and equally bad craftsmanship. They make exquisite decorations for the home or office, but they are not suitable for cutting.


2) Choose the wrong steel


Different swords are made of different types of steel, which affects their performance and overall quality. For example, stainless steel is an alloy that contains both iron and chromium (at least 10.5%). Chromium forms a barrier around the iron to protect it from moisture and oxygen, otherwise it will cause oxidation and lead to corrosion. However, the problem with stainless steel swords is that they lack the strength and durability of high-carbon steel, and swords made of stainless steel will fail catastrophically. Therefore, it is recommended to use the latter when buying a new sword.


3) Overlooking the blade style


What type of blade are you looking for? The katana is a popular choice in Japan. It is characterized by a curved single-edged blade made of high-quality steel, which is the first choice for many martial arts practitioners. However, other swords have longer or shorter blades, some of which are double-edged. After all, blade style is a personal decision that only you can make. Consider when and how to use the new sword and choose the appropriate blade type.

4) No oil


Unless you already own some, you need to buy some wax to protect your new sword from rust and corrosion. Whether it is stainless steel or high carbon, all swords are prone to rust (however, stainless steel is unlikely to rust). When storing the sword for a long time, grease the blade to prevent the sword from rusting.

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