Shuanggou jian is a Chinese traditional sword used in martial arts. Also known as hu tou gou, which means "tiger head hook", it is characterized by a hook at the end, which is used by martial practitioners to trip opponents. But like other traditional Chinese swords, there is a rich history behind the Shuanggou.


The origin of Shuanggou


Historians have been arguing about when and where Shuanggou originated. The general consensus is that it first appeared somewhere in China, although its specific origin is still unknown. Having said that, archaeological evidence indicates that Shuanggou existed during the Qing Dynasty in China. In the following years, hooked swords became more and more popular, and many martial arts covered their usage.


How Shuanggou is used


Shuanggou is mainly used for two purposes: fighting and martial arts. However, of these two purposes, the latter is more common. According to Wikipedia, Chinese soldiers use double hooks as weapons. But because the Shuanggou jian is a relatively rare sword compared to other Chinese swords, it is rarely used in combat. On the contrary, Shuanggou is mainly used in martial arts.

Shuanggou's unique design makes it a popular weapon in traditional Chinese martial arts. The straight blade has a hook-shaped tip, and practitioners can use it to perform various actions. Practitioners can use it to slash like a normal sword, but they can also use the tip of a hook to make opponents yield.


How Shuanggou is designed


Although there are exceptions, most Shuanggou sword designs have some similar characteristics. First of all, they all have a large hand guard to protect the user's hand from accidental self-injury. Secondly, they all have a hook at the tip, which, as mentioned earlier, is used in martial arts to trip opponents. Third, double hook swords are usually designed with links so that practitioners can connect them and use them together.

Shuanggou is just one of many swords that originated in China. Others include Eight Diagrams Sword, Eight Diagrams Sword, Long Sword, Broad Sword, Eye Cat Sword, Wo Sword and Tai Chi Sword. But Shuanggou features a hook-shaped design that sets us apart from other swords. In fact, it is one of the only traditional Chinese swords with hooks.

Shuanggou is still found in China and other regions to this day. As in the past, it is mainly used in martial arts.

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