In Chinese history, cold weapons have always occupied an important position. Today, although cold weapons are rarely used, they still cannot resist people’s love for them. Among them, Han Jian is the most popular cold weapon. 

The Han jian, as the name suggests, is the steel sword that flourished in the Han Dynasty. As the development of the iron smelting industry in the Han Dynasty broke through the length limit of the bronze sword, the sword body of the Han jian became thinner and narrower and the sword edge was sharper. In the early Western Han Dynasty, it replaced the bronze sword and was widely used in the military. As the last battlefield sword, the Han jian occupies an irreplaceable position in the history of Chinese swords.

According to historical records, the Han jian was mainly used as a battlefield weapon for infantry at the time. It was used with shields to form sword and shield soldiers. Until the end of the Western Han Dynasty, the first sword gradually replaced the Han jian and became the mainstream of the battlefield. In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, Han Jian completely withdrew from the battlefield and became a pure symbol of power.

Plain octagonal sword

This sword is designed and made according to historical Han jian. It has a total length of more than 100 cm. The blade is slender and the blade is sharp. The equipment is made of undecorated plain copper, which is simple and atmospheric.

As a traditional Chinese sword system, the Han jian is straight and upright, with a straight body and a two-degree arc of the sword, forming an eight-sided shape, exquisite and dexterous.

The blade is forged with 100-refined patterned steel, which has obvious pattern lines, which is as smooth as flowing water, exquisite and beautiful.

The pattern is formed by repeatedly folding and forging several steels with different carbon content. Through continuous repeated forging, the impurities of the steel itself are removed and the overall performance and toughness are improved. At the same time, the surface of the steel will also form a unique pattern, which is very beautiful.

The head and grid on the sword body are all made of brass. The equipment is made of brass, which is easy to cast its shape and easy to polish and decorate, which is very beautiful. The blade at the end of the stem is disc-shaped, making it easier to hold.

It's worth mentioning that at the beginning of the design, the designer had already considered making this plain Han jian into a dexterous and sharp Han jian. Therefore, the performance of this sword is more inclined to cut paper and cut straw mats. performance.


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