New custom-made katanas for US buyer David and Tammy Lumb

Posted by Mr Yao 05/04/2016 6 Comment(s) New Customized Swords,

Those two custom-made katanas was made for US buyer David Lumb. he order this swords on May 17th, and we completed it on April 4, the following is the details of this order.

Two custom-made katanas features:

Both katanas similar:

  • Shinogi Zukuri Katana (both)
  • Gyaku Kobuse 1095 and 1060 steel No-Hi (without Bo-Hi)
  • 14 steps hand polishing + hazuya polishing
  • Differential hardening with Kataochi Gunome Hamon
  • Brass hawk tsuba, fuchi and menuki
  • Brass habaki and seppas
  • Mei on Full tang and two bamboo mekugi
  • Tsuak-Maki Katatemaki battle wrap

Difference of katana 1 and 2:

1) Dark green themed katana

  • Samegawa:black genuine ray skin
  • Tsuka-Ito: dark green
  • Sageo: thick green 
  • Saya: black high gloss finish with black ray skin

2) Red themed katana

  • Samegawa:red genuine ray skin
  • Tsuka-Ito: black
  • Sageo: thick black
  • Saya: black high gloss finish with red ray skin



6 Comment(s)

15/07/2016, 02:57:09 AM

Very beautiful swords, and they simply make me impatient for my tanto order to arrive. Impatient is not the word....excited would be more correct.

Neville dorricott:
26/05/2018, 04:38:02 PM

Dear s/m I looking to buy can you please put on the scabbard a "SAYA-GAKI".the hilt black gold with in hilt.thankyou n.dorricott

Jeremy Scott:
01/09/2018, 07:35:20 AM

I'm looking to buy a sword joust don't know we're or how to tell the quality of a good sword i want a hand made quality one any body can say they have hand made quality sword so all your swords are hand made i don't know what I want i do know I want a hand made Damascus I'll look at some of your swords and try to get a hold of you over the phone if you could have some body contact me that would be great thank you jeremy

Jeremy Scott:
01/09/2018, 07:36:23 AM

I didn't leave a number 1-859-918-5419 thank you jeremy

Jaden Smith:
07/01/2019, 01:37:21 AM

Not a good idea to leave your Phone number open on a public forum. Just fyi and your own safety.

zhang meng:
10/01/2019, 08:30:19 AM

Thank you very much for your kindly reminder and attention.

Phillip Rutter:
11/10/2019, 11:03:47 AM

How much for the two?

Dave Lee:
11/12/2020, 10:29:05 PM

Make a 9260 high carbon steel Ken sword with the hexagonal cross-section and the winged guard with two quillons that're swept to the blade. It could be somethin' unique with the one-handed ricasso. Give it a straight blade with two symmetrical edges that have the same sharpness on both sides. The guard's gotta be gilded so it looks golden. Give the guard two red gems, one red gems on both sides. The quillons SHOULD be swept to the blade's direction, like the quillons on the so-called Tizona sword. Give it a pommel shaped like a lion's head with the mane.

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