New Customized Katana Sword For A Germany Customer


This new customized katana sword was made for a Germany customer, he placed the order for 16 piece swords in hanbon forge store last month, and now they are all completed. This sword is one of them, it is made of folded steel, and the blade had been clay tempered and hazuya polished. It is sharp and strong enough for cutting. The blade comes with a suguha hamon, and the tsuka(handle) has very tight katatemaki (handle wrapping) using black leather ito over genuine black samegawa ray skin. The tsuba(guard) of this sword is made of high quality brass. The following is the details of this Katana sword.


New customized katana sword for a Germany customer Specifications:


  • Clay tempered folded steel
  • 13 times folding with 8192 layers
  • Full tang blade comes with a suguha homon
  • Hand polished and hand sharpened by Hazuya
  • Black leather ito wrapped hard wood tsuka(handle)
  • High quality brass Fan design Tsuba(guard)
  • Solid brass matching fuchi, koshira and menuki
  • Very tight katatemaki(battle ready)
  • Full tang with smith signed(hand carved)
  • Hard wood SAYA comes with black high gloss finished


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