Once the mekugi (two bamboo pegs) have been removed, the tsuka (handle) is ready to be taken off. Our katana sword's handle is only fixed by the mekugi, no glue or others inside. Please draw the saya out of blade at first. With the blade tip pointed upward grasp the handle with both hands. Your right hand should be just below the tsuba (guard) and push the tsuba with your right thumb, then the blade will pop loose. If it is hard to remove, please don't worry, most katana have the tsuka stuck tightly to the blade. Lay the blade flat on a table top with the sword guard hanging off the blade edge. Use a dry washclothe tightly wrap around the blade and hold it with your left hand. A hammer and splint are used to forcibly loosen the tsuka. Use your right hand to place the splint and tap with the hammer. The splint is placed on the side of the habaki against the seppa. Once there is an enough gap, you can draw the blade tang out of the wooden tsuka.




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