Custom Kobuse Steel Folded Steel+1095 Steel Katana Hualee Saya

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Custom Kobuse Steel Folded Steel+1095 Steel Katana Hualee Saya


This is a customized sword for our US customer. It has a  KOBUSE construction blade. The blade was made of folded steel and 1095 high carbon steel. The 1095 steel is wrapped with the folded steel, and the core 1095 steel is harder than the outer folded steel. The blade has been clay tempered, so you can see the beautiful real hamon. This katana has been Hazuya polished, it is very sharp and strong. The tsuba(guard) and menuki were made of high quality brass with dragon design. The tsuka(handle) was made of hard wood with black real rayskin and coffee colored synthetic silk ito wrapped, but the sageo was thick silk cord. This sword comes with a Hualee wood saya(sheath) and buffalo horn koiguchi, kurikata. Please see the detailed informations and pictures below:


Custom Kobuse Steel Folded Steel+1095 Steel Katana Hualee Saya Specification:



  • AISI 1095 high carbon steel + folded steel
  • Kobuse construction full tang blade
  • Differentially Clay tempered and water quenched
  • Hazuya polished and sharpened
  • Long HI on each side of the blade
  • High quality brass dragon design tsuba and menuki
  • Black genuine Ray skin Samegawa
  • Coffee synthetic silk tsuka-ito and thick sageo
  • Very Tight Hineri-maki wrap Handle
  • Comes with a Hualee wood saya(sheath)
  • Buffalo horn koiguchi, kurikata
  • Double Pinned Bamboo Mekugi(peg)
  • Brass habaki and Seppas
  • Can be fully disassembled and assembled
  • Can cut the bamboo trees(fresh),tatami or slice paper
  • Comes with a free sword bag and certificate of authenticity.



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2 Comment(s)

Rute Busyen:
30/08/2016, 08:08:54 AM

How much to send to Thailand?

Mr Yao Yilin:
31/08/2016, 01:18:46 AM

Hi friend, we offer free shipping service, you do not need to pay for shipping costs.

Alexander Feaster:
30/08/2016, 09:09:39 AM

The sword is BEAUTIFUL - more so than words can express. However, I would none-the-less, like to express my deepest appreciation, and humble respect, to Swordsmith Yao Yilin, who, with patience and honesty, answered my endless questions, taught me much about the metallurgy and processes used in the creation of a beautiful weapon, and who has become one of the few men in the world, I wish to meet in person, and to whom I would pay great respect. Hanbon Forge, may be one of the last places on earth, where the perfection of a skill remains paramount to all else, and would be, in my opinion, an honor, to a nearly "lost art", to the country in which it resides, and to a way of life that no longer exists here in the "west". Thank you Swordsmith Yao Yilin, for everything - especially your kindness to me, and your hard work. You sir, are deeply appreciated.

Mr Yao Yilin:
31/08/2016, 01:29:52 AM

Many thanks for your support. It's been our consistent pursuit for the customers' satisfication. Anytime you have any questions, just feel free to let me know! lets be in touch my friend!

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