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Folded Steel Shirasaya Sword Samurai Japanese Clay Tempered Blade Hard Natural Wood Saya

The blade of this Shirasaya sword has been constructed of damascus folded steel. Clay temper results in the real hamon and blade has been polished to a mirror polish using Japanese water stones. The masame folding pattern is clearly visible. The blade comes full tang, two bamboo mekugi secure the tang of the sword into the tsuka. NO-HI is to enhance the power for cutting. The handle and saya are both made of hard natural wood and bull horn koiguchi (the mouth of the scabbard or its fitting). It ..


Shirasaya Japanese Samurai Sword Wakizashi Unokubi-Zukuri Full Tang Clay tempered Blade

This KATANA is hand forged using Japanese methods to create a perfect blade. The blade has been handmade with 1095 high carbon steel, hammered out so that the carbon is evenly distributed throughout the blade for a consistent hardness. The blade also features a kissake, hamon. This sword comes full tang. In accordance with Japanese tradition, the blade has been treated with a clay covering, applied to the entire sword except the edge. The blade is heated and quenched in spring water. The combina..


Blue Shirasaya Japanese Katana Samurai Sword Damascus Folded Steel Hand Made

This Shirasaya sword is fully handmade by HonBon Forge with traditional technology. It is Damascus folded steel blade with special treated, which was made by repeatedly heating, hammering and folding the metal, creating subtle and visible layers on blade. The process of folding metal is to improve the strength of blade. Blue color on the surface of blade is made by electroplating, this not only looks beautiful but also can prevent the blade from rusting.There is a long bo hi on each side of the ..


Clay Tempered Shirasaya Japanese Sword Samurai Katana Black Damascus Steel Blade

This Shirasaya sword is clay tempered folded damascus steel full tang blade. Folded steel has the capability to be a harder blade, the incredibly crafted blade that has both strength and flexibility makes a high-quality sword. The steel has been throughly refined and tempered, a special clay is applied to the blade by hand, using a thin covering near the edge and a thicker layer over the rest of the blade. Chu-kissaki on the top of the blade. It is special treated black color blade, preventing i..


Fully Hand Forged Damascus Steel Clay Tempered Blade Dragon Koshirae Japanese Samurai Sword Wakizashi

This Japanese Samurai Sword Katana is made of damascus folded steel. The blade has been repeatedly heat treated and hand forged to remove impurities, it has been folded 13 times with 8192 layers, and it has been hand polished with multiple grade sharpen stone by Japanese method, which made the surface of the blade like a mirror. The clay temper process combines the characters of toughness and flexibility and results in a genuine hamon (temper line). The combination of the quenching and the clay ..

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Traditional Hand Forged Japanese Shirasaya Sword Katana T10 Steel Clay Tempered Full Tang Blade Red Wood SAYA&Handle

This japanese sword has been hand forged using the ancient method of sword making. The blade of the sword has been constructed from 1095 high carbon steel, and the blade has been clay tempered and water quenched, so you can see the beautiful hamon on the blade, this is result from the differential cooling of the blade. The blade has a sharp in "Unokubi-Zukuri" style, there is one big Hi on each side which is from Habaki to the middle of the blade, the thickness on the back becomes thinner from t..

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