1. Your physical condition. If you are strong and strong, then a hard sword (also called an epee) is definitely more suitable for you. The hard sword itself is not only heavier, but the blade is also thicker and more powerful to swing. In the practical process, because the tip of the sword does not shake, the accuracy of the stabbing of the hard sword is higher, and the lethality is greater. In fact, almost all swords used in actual combat are hard swords. Some extremes, such as belt swords, have already exceeded The scope and usage of the sword is also a soft weapon.
2. The center of gravity of the sword. Swords are not only used to appreciate and watch. Many times you will use them to swing a few times, or just to exercise your body. So a sword with the right center of gravity will be more handy to swing, otherwise it will not only be laborious, but will also affect the swordsmanship. the quality of. A good sword will have a lower center of gravity, so that the sword will be lighter and easier to control.
3. The flexibility of the sword. Although the sword can be chopped and chopped, it cannot be used like a sword. Since retiring from the army, the sword has no longer faced the enemy's armor and heavy armor. The sword is generally used to face each other between the masters of the rivers and lakes. Naturally, the sword moves lightly and can be changed at any time. The appropriate flexibility can be used to remove it. The opponent's strength sticks to the opponent's weapon, so the essence of the sword is inner strength.
4. The style of sword outfit. In different eras, swords have different styles, depending on what you like. Different styles of swords have different decorations on the outside, which can give people a different historical and cultural enjoyment. After the style is determined, it depends on the craftsmanship quality of the sword outfit. Some are exquisitely carved and very delicate, and some are rough cast and the patterns are blurred. Then look at the material of the saya(scabbard). A good sword will use precious hard wood. , Such as rosewood or even red sandalwood.
5. Matching accessories. For example, sword boxes, sword stands and other things used to store and hold the swords, of course, the more beautiful the better.
6. The price of the sword. This is the most tangible thing. A good sword, of course, is very particular about all aspects, but do you think it is worth it to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars? If you really like it and think it's worth it, then buy the best, otherwise, choose the best according to your own economic conditions and within the allowable range.
7. The hardness, toughness and craftsmanship of the sword. Modern well-known knifesmiths have different price sword styles for customers to choose. The most expensive one is of course the forging of patterned swords. A patterned sword with excellent performance and exquisite appearance requires steel with different carbon content to be folded and forged many times. The most important thing is quenching. In many cases, during the quenching process, the sword will crack and become a waste product (this is also an important reason for the pattern sword to move towards the all-steel sword). It is important not only to ensure that the quenched blade reaches a very high hardness, but also to quench a beautiful "hamon", that is, the misty white layer of the blade part, which makes the blade flash a cold light, and finally It is necessary to grind the mirror finish by hand and make the blade extremely sharp.
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