Bronze was used to forge these bladed weapons long before the steel sword was invented. For centuries, bronze was actually the only metal used for forging swords and other bladed weapons. It was not until the advent of iron that swordsmiths began to forge steel swords. In this article, we will understand the history and origin of the bronze sword, reveal the time and place of its invention, and its significance in shaping modern steel swords.

Bronze Age

During the Bronze Age in the 17th century BC, some of the earliest bronze swords in the world were invented in the Black Sea and Aegean Sea regions. They are about 39 inches (100 cm) long and are not particularly large. On the contrary, they are more like daggers than real modern swords such as katana or wakasa. But it turns out that these early bronze swords helped reveal a new way of making bladed weapons. The civilization of the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea region did not use stones to make swords, but made swords by casting bronze.

Chinese bronze sword


Although bronze swords first appeared in the Black Sea and Aegean regions in the 17th century BC, this craftsmanship eventually spread to China. When China was ruled and ruled by the Shang Dynasty (2 BC), swordsmiths here began to use bronze to make swords and blade weapons. However, it should be noted that these early models of Chinese bronze swords are different in composition from similar swords made in other parts of the world.

Specifically, the tin content of Chinese bronze swords is higher. It is not uncommon for Chinese bronze swords to contain as much as 20% tin. Using a high tin content can make the blade stronger, but it also makes the blade easier to break on impact. This is why other civilizations prefer to use lower tin content in their swords-usually around 10%.

European bronze sword 

 Bronze swords were especially popular during the European Bronze Age. Naue II, also known as the tongue-holding sword, first appeared in northern Italy around the 13th century BC, and it has been one of the most popular swords in the region for hundreds of years. Naue II is a relatively small double-edged sword. According to Wikipedia, they were built while emphasizing functionality and aesthetics. Several archaeological specimens show that the Naue II has ornate decorations and intricate details, which are not found in many other swords.

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