Custom-made Full Tang 1060 Steel Tanto Sword


This Tanto sword was made for our US customer Richard. This sword blade was made of 1060 high carbon steel with grooves (bo-hi) on both sides. The full tang blade has been oil quenched and hand sharpened. The tsuka(handle) was wrapped with yellow real rayskin(SAMEGAWA) and redbrown leather tsuka-ito. The tsuba(guard) was made of iron.  The saya(sheath) has been yellow high gloss finished, and the Sage-o is thick yellow synthetic silk cord. More details see below:


Custom-made Full Tang 1060 Steel Tanto Sword Specifications:


  • Hand forged 1060 high carbon steel
  • Heated treated and oil quenched blade
  • Full Tang Blade with 2 bamboo mekugi(pegs)
  • Hand polishing and sharping with sharpen stone
  • High quality black iron tsuba(guard)
  • Fine finished dragon design menuki
  • Red-brown leather tsuka-ito
  • Yellow lacquered genuine SAMEGAWA(ray skin)
  • Very Tight Hineri-maki wrap Handle
  • Yellow high gloss finished saya(sheath)
  • One piece brass construction habaki
  • Can be fully disassembled and assembled
  • Can cut the bamboo trees(fresh),tatami or slice paper
  • Comes with a free sword bag and certificate of authenticity.



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