The sword is mainly composed of three parts: a blade, an outer sheath, and accessories. Most of them are made of iron, steel, copper, wood and other materials, which are easily rusty or rotten. It is like some items in our lives that requires care and maintenance. The following is a brief introduction about sword maintenance.
1) It should not be stored in damp places or exposed to acids and salty substances which will cause rust and decay.
2) Try to avoid touching the blade with your hand so as not to leave a sweaty surface when using the sword.
3) The outer sheath is generally made of wood. Due to the different climatic condition in different regions, the sheath cracking and shrinking often occur, so a soft cloth containing a small amount of oil can be used to wipe the sheath. This will not only keep the moisture and smooth of the wood, but also prevent it from cracking and shrinking. It also adds the aesthetic appearance of the sword.
4) The most accessories of a sword are made of gold, silver and copper. The copper accessories are the most among them, so the sword should avoid contacting with the gas to prevent the quality of these accessories.
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