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20 Dec Overview of scabbard and its working principle
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The sword is rarely worn directly on a person's body. Usually, they are placed in a long sheath, and then the sheath is worn on the waist or back of a person. This accessory, called the scabbard (saya), proved to be crucial for several reasons.    ..
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Whether it is Katana, Wakisashi, Tanto, Tachi or Kodachi, all traditional Japanese swords come with a kissaki. However, unless you are familiar with these swords, this may be the first time you hear the word "kissaki". So, what is a kiss knife and wh..
30 Oct Mistakes to avoid when buying a sword
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Whether you are a collector or a martial arts lover, whether you want to buy a katana, wakizashi or tanto, buying a new sword is a big decision. To help you find the sword that best suits your needs, you should avoid the following mistakes.   1) ..
26 Aug Why are some swords double-edged rather than single-edged?
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Traditional Japanese swords like Katana and Wakisashi are usually forged with a single blade. Of course, the blade refers to the sharp side of the blade. When using katana, Wakisashi, and other traditional Japanese swords, only one side of the blade ..
27 Jul The formation of Japanese sword's hamon
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When examining authentic Japanese swords, you may find various lines, shapes, patterns, or geometric figures that extend along the length of the blade, called tempered lines or "hamon", which are a defining characteristic of traditional Japanese swor..
23 Jul What is the balance point of the sword?
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From traditional Japanese swords (such as katana and Wakizashi) to Korean swords (such as geom and Ssangsudo), all swords have a balance. Usually located a few inches above the sword (from the hilt), it plays an important role in the versatility an..
23 Jun How is the bronze sword made?
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As we all know, Japanese samurai swords are currently popular swords, and most of them are made of high-carbon steel, but before the invention of high-carbon steel, iron was used to make swords. Before iron was invented, bronze was used for this pu..
18 Jun What is Japanese Ninjutsu?
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Ninjutsu, also known as ninpo, is a traditional Japanese method that involves ninjas using unconventional warfare and guerrilla tactics. In feudal Japan, there are two key occupations responsible for protecting and defending the country from invaders..
13 May How to fix loose saya?
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A good katana manufacturer will ensure that each sword is firmly placed in its saya. Despite the best efforts, sometimes the sword will loosen in its sheath or over time as it is drawn repeatedly. Correct Gasket filling with silicone grease is the pr..
10 May What is Japanese Kodachi?
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Kodachi (小太刀, こだち) means "short sword" and is a traditional Japanese sword wielded by samurai warriors in the feudal era of Japan. It's characteristic is that it is shorter than a sword body such as a Katana, and thus has the same name as its own. Bu..
18 Jul Roles and Value of Katana, Wakizashi
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Katana is a generic term for swords forged in the originally developed way in Japan. Japanese samurai swords were worn by warriors of the ruling elite during the middle ages right up to the modern era and acted as much as status symbols as they did w..
30 May Types of Samurai Swords
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The combat skills of Samurai are greatly complemented by the strength of the sword they possess. Samurai possessed many different kinds of swords, which went through many changes in their design over the years. Some of these are: chokutu, kodachi, ..
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