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20 Dec Overview of scabbard and its working principle
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The sword is rarely worn directly on a person's body. Usually, they are placed in a long sheath, and then the sheath is worn on the waist or back of a person. This accessory, called the scabbard (saya), proved to be crucial for several reasons.    ..
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Whether it is Katana, Wakisashi, Tanto, Tachi or Kodachi, all traditional Japanese swords come with a kissaki. However, unless you are familiar with these swords, this may be the first time you hear the word "kissaki". So, what is a kiss knife and wh..
30 Oct Mistakes to avoid when buying a sword
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Whether you are a collector or a martial arts lover, whether you want to buy a katana, wakizashi or tanto, buying a new sword is a big decision. To help you find the sword that best suits your needs, you should avoid the following mistakes.   1) ..
24 Sep Two types of Japanese saya
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Like most swords, traditional Japanese swords are usually stored in saya. When the samurai does not use his sword, he will hide it. This has several purposes, one of which is to protect the sword from damage. If there is no sheath, the sword will be ..
08 Sep Question-Will the sword get moldy?
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Whether you are a collector or a martial arts lover, maintaining your sword is very important. From katana and wakizashi to tanto and tachi, all swords undergo regular maintenance to maintain the integrity of their appearance and structure. Although ..
27 Jul The formation of Japanese sword's hamon
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When examining authentic Japanese swords, you may find various lines, shapes, patterns, or geometric figures that extend along the length of the blade, called tempered lines or "hamon", which are a defining characteristic of traditional Japanese swor..
16 Jul The origin of Japanese tanto
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A tantō (短刀, "short sword") is one of the traditionally made Japanese swords (nihonto) that were worn by the samurai class of feudal Japan. The tantō dates to the Heian period, when it was mainly used as a weapon but evolved in design over the years ..
05 Jul How to oil your katana?
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Whether you own a katana, tachi, wakazashi, tanto, or any other sword, you need to take care of the blade properly. The sword requires very little maintenance to maintain its appearance and structural integrity. However, an important step in sword ma..
18 Jun What is Japanese Ninjutsu?
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Ninjutsu, also known as ninpo, is a traditional Japanese method that involves ninjas using unconventional warfare and guerrilla tactics. In feudal Japan, there are two key occupations responsible for protecting and defending the country from invaders..
13 May How to fix loose saya?
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A good katana manufacturer will ensure that each sword is firmly placed in its saya. Despite the best efforts, sometimes the sword will loosen in its sheath or over time as it is drawn repeatedly. Correct Gasket filling with silicone grease is the pr..
10 May What is Japanese Kodachi?
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Kodachi (小太刀, こだち) means "short sword" and is a traditional Japanese sword wielded by samurai warriors in the feudal era of Japan. It's characteristic is that it is shorter than a sword body such as a Katana, and thus has the same name as its own. Bu..
27 Sep A Tanto (tantō, 短刀,
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A Tanto (tantō, 短刀, "short sword") is one of the traditionally-made Japanese weapons that were worn by the samurai class of feudal Japan.  The tanto is a type of dagger with a length between 15 and 30 cm (6–12 inches).      During the period of..
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