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16 Nov The difference between koshirae and shirasaya
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  It is not uncommon for samurai to carry their swords and store them in a special enclosure accessory. For example, they usually don't use obi (obi) to wear a katana with a living blade directly on their waist. Instead, they put the katana on an ..
24 Sep Two types of Japanese saya
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Like most swords, traditional Japanese swords are usually stored in saya. When the samurai does not use his sword, he will hide it. This has several purposes, one of which is to protect the sword from damage. If there is no sheath, the sword will be ..
30 Jul How to make a sword Shirasaya?
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How to make a sword Shirasaya?   This blog will introduce the processing and workmanship of making a japanese sword shirasaya. Shirasaya means plain wood storage scabbard, it is natural saya without any chemical treatment. Hanbon Forge has many thi..
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