Action movies are an important branch of film and TV drama, attracting a large number of fans with its fierce action, strong attack. The cold weapon is used as a percussion prop, adding a lot lustre to the film. Have you noticed those cold weapons?
1. Nepalese scimitar
Nepalese scimitar is a world-famous cold weapon. It is easy to grasp and does not require any special moves. It can be used to make a huge lethality. It has a wide range of uses, such as assassinating, slashing zombies, cutting trees in the jungle.
2. Eight-sided Chinese Han Jian sword
Eight-sided Chinese Han Jian has eight sides, the blade is long and narrow, and each side was polished separately. The thick blade guarantees the hardness of the Han Jian and can easily pierce some thin armor.
3. Japanese samurai katana sword
As a world famous sword, the Japanese katana is known for its beautiful shape. Many famous swords are collected as art treasures, it contains the meaning of the soul of the samurai. The samurai sword is very destructive to the flesh and can easily cut through a pig. However, in order to reduce the weight of the sword to make it more convenient when slashing, and the samurai sword is made with thinner blade, so it is generally less capable for breaking armor.
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