The following basic etiquette are what you have to pay attention to.
1. How to draw out a katana sword?
When drawing out the sword, hold scabbard (saya) close to the scabbard mouth with your left hand from below, and grab the handle from above with your right hand. The blade should be horizontal, the tip of the blade should be far away, and the blade is facing upwards, then slowly remove the katana sword from the scabbard. The significance of keeping blade facing up is that when the katana sword is pulled out, the scabbard will only touch ridge of blade, which can effectively protect its polished surface and blade edge. Do not stop halfway, this may also cause damage to your Katana sword. When the whole scabbard is about to be pulled out, the distal end of scabbard is slightly downward, then the blade body is completely pulled out.
2. How to hand your katana sword to others?
If the katana sword is in the scabbard, you should hold the sword horizontally, hold the handle in one hand and hold the end of scabbard with another hand while keeping the blade edge facing toward yourself, then hand the katana sword to others. The receiver should also hold the sword handle in one hand and the scabbard with another hand, and then confirm to you that he has completely taken the katana sword, and you can release the katana sword by hand.
If the katana sword is not in scabbard, you should let the sword tip up and hold near habaki (Never hold the sharp blade edge!). The receiver should reach out to the sword handle under your hand and confirm that he has hold it steadily, and you can release your hand.
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