Making process of Carved Saya

Posted by Mr Yao 02/04/2016 2 Comment(s) Swords Buyer Guide,

As a sword manufacturer, we also offer hand carved saya(sheath), please see the making process of our hand carved saya. 
















2 Comment(s)

02/12/2018, 04:01:34 PM

After seeing that you do custom etching into the saya i think that would look nice on the sword im creating and ordering a scene with tigers on the saya if you have any pictures of ideas that would look good on the saya and i need an etching on the blade

zhang meng:
06/12/2018, 03:18:37 AM

Thanks for writing to us, we can engrave patterns on sword blade and engrave on saya, but it is better to send us your pictures, thanks.

Stevie Strickland:
28/10/2020, 11:20:42 PM

Do y’all do custom saya engraving if so how can I order one

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