Blade Shape Styles

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The most general style for TACHI/KATANA and WAKIZASHI (long swords). 
1) The ridge line (shinogi) is in normal height. 
2) The ridge line is higher. 

The most general style for TANTO. 

It is like SHINOGI-ZUKURI, but without YOKOTE line.    


Usually in the case of the blades without curvature before 9th century. It is learned from China. 
1) The blade has YOKOTE line. 
2) The blade does not have YOKOTE line. 
3) The kissaki is double edged. It is also Kissaki-moroha-zukuri.

1) One side is KIRIHA-ZUKURI, another side is HIRA-ZUKURI.   
2) One side is KIRIHA-ZUKURI, another side is SHINOGI-ZUKURI. 
3) One side is KIRIHA-ZUKURI, another side is SHOBU-ZUKURI. 


The thickness on the back becomes thinner from the half of the blade towards the tip. 
1) The base is SHINOGI-ZUKURI.       
In the case of NAGINATA, this type or UNOKUBI-ZUKURI(1) is common. 
2) The base is HIRA-ZUKURI.   


It is similar to the KANMURI-OTOSHI-ZUKURI, but the back turns to thick near the KISSAKI. 
1) The base is SHINOGI-ZUKURI. 
In the case of NAGINATA, this type or KANMURI-OTOSHI-ZUKURI(1) is common. 

2) The base is HIRA-ZUKURI. 

A double edged blade that is asymmetric for the ridge line 

The KISSAKI part is bigger than the half of the blade's length. 
Usually in TANTO type. 


The forward part of the blade is double edged.  

A curved kissaki-moroha-zukuri style blade is especially called "Kogarasu-maru" style. "Kogarasu-maru" is the nickname of one very famous sword in that style. It was a treasure of the Taira family in 12th century, and now in the imperial collection 
The Kogarasu-maru in the imperial collection


A symmetric double edged blade. 
The cross section is like a diamond

The cross section is a triangle. Mainly for YARI (lance). 

8 Comment(s)

Bruce Munday:
09/10/2016, 08:39:30 AM

Thank you Mr Yao very interesting

Bruce Munday:
09/10/2016, 08:40:42 AM

Thank you Mr Yao very interesting

Frederick Reece:
09/09/2018, 02:52:42 AM

Man I don't even need a cane and I'm ordering 2 of these

03/11/2018, 06:24:54 AM

I am looking on the video of 'How a Shinogi' is make..i mean a step or technique to hammering on the ßlades..Please Sirr !!!

12/05/2019, 01:20:52 PM

Hi, do u have zhanmadao? Thick stainless Steel rod length: 160cm/Chrome colour. Using KIRIHA-ZUKURI blade Lenght:50cm. If have, and how much? And is it free shipping? Thank you.

05/09/2019, 03:48:53 PM

I am very satisfied with the KoKatana and Tanto custom- ordered swords. Have bought 2 already; planning a custom wakizashi as this is written. Tank you Swordsmith Yao.

Frank Tep:
07/10/2020, 03:27:20 PM

Why do some Katanas have a blood groove and some do not. Which is the more traditional..?

Dave Lee:
30/12/2020, 12:14:21 AM,

Make a Tizona sword with the 24 inch blade length, one-handed ricasso, the hexagonal cross-section, the symmetric edges, a winged crossguard with the gilded color, two red rubies in the middle (one red ruby on both sides od the guard) the 9.5 inch handle, AND the gilded peened pommel with green emeralds on both sides (one green emerald on both sides of the pommel). The winged quillons, they gotta be turned to the blade's direction, not the hand. It's gotta be a European style sword. Oh. THIS Tizona replica shouldn't have a crossbar.

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