How to make a sword Shirasaya?

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How to make a sword Shirasaya?


This blog will introduce the processing and workmanship of making a japanese sword shirasaya. Shirasaya means plain wood storage scabbard, it is natural saya without any chemical treatment. Hanbon Forge has many this kinds of Shirasaya swords.



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3 Comment(s)

eric marcotte:
01/03/2017, 11:54:33 AM


Thomas J Keinz:
31/10/2017, 04:28:06 AM, HANBON FORGE

In a few month I shall be placing and order for I think it will be for 2 or possibly 3 of your custom made swords. I am 76 years old at the present and have always been fascinated with you product. Regards Thomas J Keinz God bless America and Japan.

Patrick Richardson:
02/02/2018, 12:52:21 AM

Thomas, you inspire sir. If I nay may make a suggestion, get one of them in a wakizashi or a 21" to 23" mune and a 13" 16" tsuka. Then practice draw cutting on foam pool noodles. It is amazingly challenging and fun. I do this for my arthritis and mental clarity. Be well.

05/12/2021, 04:02:58 AM

Just ordered tanto to match previously ordered wakizashi

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