1. The first step: Prepare related equipment 

The necessary ones are: Mekuginuki (Mekugi removal tool), Hammer and Splint (Used to remove stuck tsuka), Cotton Cloth (Cleaning), Softwood Block.



2. Drawing 

Must have a correct sitting posture and keep calm when you remove the sword, or it may hurt the sword and hurt yourself.


Please firmly hold the scabbard with the left hand, and grip the handle with the right hand. Pay attention to the position of the sword edge upwards, make sure that the arc is facing upwards.


Use a little force to expose the part of the sword, and then slowly pull the sword completely out of the scabbard. If you hesitates or stop in the halfway, the blade may be scratched by the scabbard.


3. Remove mekugi

Mekugi (pegs) are made of bamboo, ox horn or ivory. The purpose is to fix swords, so they must be removed. Most of Japanese swords have two mekugi for safety. The orthodox mekugi are fixed in direction, and can be pushed from the end of the mekugi. But I noticed that the current sword may be different. It is a pity that such small details are not noticed. So when you remove the mekugi, look carefully, one end is larger and the other end is smaller. Pushing from small end of the mekugi can pull it out easily. Some of the pegs are very tight, we must use auxiliary tools to strike out gently at this time. When the Menuki is partially removed, turn the pin and finish the job.


4. Disassemble the handle

When you remove the handle, pay attention to the front edge, otherwise it will be dangerous. Japanese sword is very sharp, it can cause serious injury with a little careless. First, the right hand clasp the handle and the left hand make a first. Raise the height to 30 cm above the right hand, aim at the tiger's mouth at the right hand of the sword, and use a moderate force to squat down. When you knock down the right side of the tiger's mouth, you will hear the crisp metallic sound, which is the mutual impact sound of seppa, tsuba and tang. The tang will jump out of the handle. If you use two fingers of your left hand to pinch the blade, you can easily pull it out.


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