The sword of the cold weapon era is very delicate. A well-trained warrior is unwilling to strike his sword blade against his opponent's weapons. The block of Japanese Kendo is to use the back of the sword and try to avoid any form of frontal impact unless it is a last resort.
Ancient cold weapons in China’s Sui and Tang Dynasties and even Han have been heat treated of the cutting edge. The Rockwell hardness of the cutting edge is at least 52 degrees, and generally reaches about 58-60. This hardness is very high and it is easy to break. After the Sui and Tang Dynasties, a large number of kobuse steel swords without heat treatment were produced in China. However, its hardness is still quite high. Because the kobuse steel craft is a full-body steel, in theory, as long as the grinding is continued, the sword can be used all the time. The result is that the body is constantly narrowing and shortening.
Sword cutting each other will inevitably result in a gap or a curl. According to Japanese documentary records, it is normal for a warrior to use a waste or even a few swords in one battle. Because the blade is deadly when a sword cutting a sword, it's just that the sword with good craft and materials will be slightly damaged. Desperately using a blade to cut like many movies can not really exist. A person who truly loves a sword will not destroy the sword so much.
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