HanBon Forge provides a custom engraving service for blades. Engravings add a personal touch to your sword and make it a unique gift.

What types of engravings are available?

  • Text engravings: You can have any language engraved, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and more.
  • Image engravings: While any image can be engraved, it's best to choose simpler designs for better results.

Where can the engravings be made on the sword?

Engravings can be made on the blade, habaki, Tang and scabbard of the sword. Please indicate the desired location (blade, habaki, tang or scabbard) in the note section when making the payment or specify it in the email. 

How can I send an image to you?

  • For text engravings, please add the desired text in the note section when you make the payment.
  • For image engravings, please send the image to [email protected] along with your order number.

What is the cost of engraving, and how can I make the payment?

Want a unique sword? Feel free to contact us:

WhatsApp: 086 18963797801

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.hanbonforge.com