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9260 Spring Steel Katana Japanese Samurai Sword No-Hi Full Tang Blade For Sale

The blade of the katana has been constructed from hand forged 9260 Spring Steel with no bohi. There is medium niku on the blade, making the blade appropriate for medium traditional targets. The tip of the blade is a chu kissaki. The 9260 Spring Steel Katana feature amazing flexibility and can revert back from an almost 90 degree bend. The habaki of the sword is a two piece antiqued brass construction. The seppas are brass. The solid steel guard is a wave themed tsuba. The tsuka features a double..


9260 spring steel katana sword Japanese samurai handmade blade full tang for sale

The katana uses our durable material for its blade construction. The blade body is a 9260 silicon alloy carbon spring steel. Our 9260 Spring steel blades are fully hand made and customized by our master swordmaker. Tsuba is a solid steel alloy plate with a horse pattern which begins with a brass one piece Habaki. Two copper Seppas secure the blade of the sword. The tsuka (handle) core is made of wood, tsuka-ito is black synthetic silk with alternating cross overs over real white ray skin (samega..


Folded Steel Katana Japanese Samurai Sword Clay tempered Unokubi-Zukuri Red Blade

The katana is damascus folded steel with special treated and clay tempered blade. A genuine Hamon runs the length of the blade ending at the blade's Kissaki. The blade comes full tang and sharp. It's strong and resilient. This extremely tough blade will not easily bend or take a set due to the superior heat treatment of the steel. The black and red color is acquired after a special treatment applied on the blade surface. The tsuka is hard wood laid over the tang of the blade. Wrapped over t..


Full Tang 9260 Spring Steel Katana Samurai Japanese Sword Monster Alloy Tsuba Sharp

This katana is handmade with 9260 spring steel, which has the capability to be a harder blade, the incredibly crafted blade that has both strength and flexibility makes a high-quality katana sword. The blade has no Hi (blood groove) to enhance its strength and cutting power. The blade comes full tang and very sharp. Two bamboo Mekugi (pegs) secure the tang of the blade. The Tsuba itself is a solid steel alloy plate with a monster head pattern. Two Seppa secure the tsuba to the tsuka of the sword..


Japanese Samurai Katana 9260 Spring Steel Blade Warrior Sword Battle Ready Sharp

This Katana is 100% pure hand forged and hand sharpened to create a perfect blade. The blade is full tang 9260 spring steel which has a significantly increased fatigue resistance compared to standard 1060 carbon steel. The use of 0.6% carbon allows this blade to be sturdy enough for tatami omote yet forgiving enough to resist dangerous chipping on rigid targets. The Tsuka (Handle) Core is hard wooden and it is tightly wrapped over genuine red Ray Skin and black ito. It is japanese warrior alloy ..


Japanese Samurai Sword Katana folded Steel Full Tang Blade Sharp Handmade Monster Tsuba

This katana is handmad folded steel full tang blade in a Maru style. The tang is double pinned with bamboo mekugi. The Habaki is a single piece brass construction. Two copper Seppas secure the blade of the sword into the Tsuba. The Tsuba is fine finished alloy with a monster design. The tsuka has very tight hinerimaki (handle wrapping) using brown synthetic ito over genuine white samegawa ray skin. The menuki are alloy knife design. The saya of the sword is wooden with a black high gloss finish...


KATANA Japanese Samurai Sword T10 Steel Clay Tempered HIRA-ZUKURI Blade Iron Tsuba

The blade body of the Katana is a hand clayed and differentially heat treated T10 carbon steel. The gain from the clay hardening is that the blade has a smooth and elegant natural hamon (beautiful curves). The hamon is authentic all the way up to the tip. This steel is stronger than our normal katana. We recommend the use of through clay tempered (hardened) blades for cutters as they will be more predictable and constant in performance. The blade features NO-hi and HIRA-ZUKURI kissaki. The Tsuba..


Samurai Katana 9260 Spring Steel Japanese Sword For Sale Handmade Full Tang Blade

The blade of the sword has been hand forged from 9260 spring steel. It features a SHINOGI-ZUKURI Blade Shape and chu-kissaki, giving the sword a very good balance. The blade is full tang with No HI (blood groove), and comes very sharp. The 9260 Spring Steel is highly flexible and durable, it can bent, twist, then revert back to original form. The Habaki is a one piece brass construction over a brass Seppa. The tsuba, fuchi and kashira are constructed from alloy. The tsuka features two bamboo mek..