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Chinese Han Jian sword damascus folded carbon steel for sale straight double edge blade

Han Dynasty. The Han jian occupies an irreplaceable position in the history of Chinese swords. It is a symbol of power and status. The body of the Han jian is straight and the blade is curved from both sides. This Han Jian sword is the result of a clay tempered (hardened) blade using folded carbon steel, creating beautiful grain pattern (HADA) and genuine hamon. Clay Tempered blade is more resistant and durable which has both strength and flexibility. The handle core is made of hard wood, with b..


Chinese Sword "Qing Jian" Folded Pattern Steel Blade Ebony Sheath Real Hamon

The Fushou sword(福寿剑)is a small sword popular in the South during the Qing Dynasty, and it is generally not long. It is called "福寿" because there are bats and Chinese sacred beasts on the copper equipment, as well as the word "寿", which means good life. This Fu Shou sword is made of folded pattern steel with clay tempered, the whole process follows traditional sword technique. It's folded to 8192 layers with a nice intensive pattern on the blade.It comes in its original natural ebondy wood scabb..


Chinese Sword Ming Dynasty Emperor YongLe's Jian Folded Steel Clay Tempered 8 Side Twisted-Grained Blade

This sword design fllowed the sword of "Yongle". Yongle was a hero of the third Ming Dynasty emperor Yongle (1402-1424), who moved the Capital City of China from Nanjing to the present location of Beijing.This sword, equipped with a lion face design. It has fittings adorned with a combination of Chinese and Tibetan-style design motifs. The blade is eight-sided and is highly polished twisted-grained forge folded steel with clay tempered, the folding pattern is clearly visible. The hamon is authen..


Dragon Jian Chinese Sword Hazuya Polish Blade Damascus Folded Steel

The Jian sword is the result of a hazuya polishing blade using our damascus folded steel. The eight sided blade is hand made of 1060 steel which is folded 13 times and created 8192 layers grain pattern (HADA). The scabbard and handle are hard rosewood, it features brass mountings with ancient three-colour dragon design. It can be used by advanced Tai Chi practitioners, Kung Fu stylists, or those who may want to test its cutting capabilities. Dragon Jian Chinese Sword Hazuya Polish Blade Dam..


Folded Steel Chinese Han Jian Sword Clay Tempered Blade Hualee Wood Scabbard Hand Forged

The blade of this Chinese Han Jian sword has been hand forged using the ancient method of sword making, full hand forged, hand polished. This blade is made of folded steel and has folded 13 times to create the 8192 layers, and it is clay tempered with water quenching. The wood core handle is wrapped with brown cord from the guard down. Sheath is made by hualee wood, in the middle of the wrap you can see a detailed, cast brass ornament. The fittings on this sword are made of high quality brass, a..


Chinese Jian Sword Dragon Design Traditional Hand Folded Steel Blade Genuine Rayskin Sheath

This Jian named Qing Yi Jian(清衣剑);The blade of the Dragon Design Jian (剑) has been constructed in the Damascus Steel folding technique, which is folded 13 times and creating 8,192 layers folded pattern. The hamon of the sword is authentic after claying tempered. It features full tang. The guard and matching fittings are made of brass with hand carving dragon design. The scabbard and handle are hard wood wrapped with black genuine rayskin. this is a nice traditional handmade sword for collection...


Chinese Sword Han Dynasty Jiaolong Hand Forged Damascus Steel Pure copper Gilt gold Gilt Silver Embossed Dragon Decoration

This is Chinese Han dynasty Jiaolong Jian(蛟龙汉剑) is finished with a replica of an antique copper fittings with hand carved jiaolong design patterns. The dragon is a sacred beast in ancient mythology. The water beast with the blood of the dragon clan was one of the species during the evolution of the dragon. As long as it survives the disaster, it can be transformed into a real dragon, and it has powerful power. In Chinese legends, the dragon is a miraculous animal that is good at change, can reju..


Chinese Sword Huolong Jian Dragon Sword Handmade Pattern Steel Clay Tempered Blade Copper Carved Dragon

This is Chinese Huolong Jian(火龙剑) is finished with a replica of an antique copper fittings with hand carved dragon design patterns. Dragon represented rights and status in ancient China, and they also mean good luck. This Jian is clay tempered damascus folded steel, which shows genuine hamon, beautiful Hada (folded pattern) on the blade. The sword's blade is making by the ancient Chinese ways, hand forged. The scabbard and handle are top quality ebony decorated with exquisite brass fittings, the..


Chinese Sword Jian (仙福剑) Tricolor Copper Damascus Folded Steel Hand Polish Blade

Jian swords are among the earliest sword types in China and are closely associated with Chinese mythology.  This is chinese Xianfu Jian(仙福剑). The blade of the Jian has been constructed from 1060 Folded steel. It has been folded 13 times, creating 8192 grain layers. The blade of this sword is completely finished with hand polishing. It is finished with a replica of an antique tricolor fittings and uses the pure copper. The handle and scabbard are all solid ebony wood. A red tassel is at..


Chinese sword Jian high quality damascus folded steel peony swords straight full tang blade for sale

This Chinese sword named Peony sword (mudang jian, 牡丹剣), Peony is a rare woody flower unique to China, with thousands of years of natural growth and a history of more than 1,500 years. The peony flower is reputed as the king of flowers. The relevant cultural and painting works are very rich, and it is a symbol of wealth and honor. This Chinese sword is made of Damascus steel with clay tempered and has been polished by hand. The scabbard and handle are all imported. Made of ebony wood, beautifull..


Chinese Sword Jian LEAPING THE DRAGON GATE 4-Sided Damascus Folded Steel Blade

According to Chinese mythology, the Dragon Gate is located at the top of a waterfall cascading from a legendary mountain. Many carps swim upstream against the river’s strong current, but few are capable or brave enough for the final leap over the waterfall. If a carp successfully makes the jump, it is transformed into a powerful dragon. It is an old and enduring Chinese cultural symbol for courage, perseverance, and accomplishment.The Chinese Jian sword is straight blade became highly popular an..


Dragon Jian Chinese Sword Damascus Folded Steel Hazuya Polish Blade Genuine Hamon

This historical sword has a double-edged straight blade measuring 77 centimeters. The handle of this Chinese Jian measures 20 centimeters, making it in total 103 cm of powerful steel with blade width of 3.5 centimeters. This Jian sword is made of Damascus folded steel blade with Hazuya polishing clay tempered. The blade features 8,192 layers of steel, giving it beautiful visible hada. There is a visible temper line on the blade, called the hamon because of the clay-tempering process. This proces..


Folded Steel Chinese Sword Han Wu Jian Clay Tempered Blade Handcrafted Hualee Wood Scabbard

In Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, the sword was already a symbol of power and was no longer a vanguard sword on the battlefield. The length and accessories of a sword were both a status symbol. This is hand forge chinese Handmade Han Wu Jian(汉武剑) is made of folded steel with clay tempered, through hardened, and highly hand polished. It was folded 13 times and clay tempered with wavy forge folding pattern, real hamon. The blade comes full tang. The scabbard is masterfully made with imported Huale..


Genuine Dragon Sword Chinese Jian Damascus Steel Hazuya Polish Blade Clay Tempered

The blade of this jian sword has been constructed from Damascus folded steel with Hazuya polishing. The hamon of the sword is authentic all the way up to the tip. It is folded 13 times, creating 8192 layer folded pattern (Hada). This impressive sword is fully sharpened and its tsuba, fuchi and kashira are all made of pure brass with the highest standards. Its impact resistance and durability are excellent. The scabbard and handle are made of black ebony. This sword can be used by advanced Tai Ch..


Huan Shou Han Jian Sword Chinese God Beast Theme Folded Steel Blade

The jian (straight, or double edged sword), is a more delicate sword compared to the Dao or Spear. The jian is the sword of the scholar or gentleman. Huan Shou Han Jian Sword features with ring pommels, which is the most lethal close-in cold weapon. The ring on the handle is designed to make the handle not easy to remove. Huan Shou Jian sword was born in the Han Dynasty, which is a well-made folded steel Chinese sword, following the traditional forging process. The blade is  folded 13 times..