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98 Type Sabres Katana Japanese Sword Clay Tempered Damascus Steel Blade Iron Saya traditional Hand Forged

The Sabre Sword is the result of a clay tempered (hardened) blade using Damascus folded steel. The blade features genuine hamon on the edge and beautiful grain pattern (HADA) with visible layers. It comes with full tang, double pegged with bamboo mekugi pins for added security. Wooden handle core is wrapped with brown ito and genuine white rayskin. The tsuba and matching golden fittings are brass in beautiful pattern design. The saya (scabbard) is made of solid iron wrapped with genuine lea..


Fully Hand Forged Damascus Steel Clay Tempered Blade Japanese Samurai Sword Wakizashi

This Japanese Samurai Sword WAKIZASHI is made of damascus folded steel. it is fully functional and battle ready. The blade has been repeatedly heat treated and hand forged to remove impurities, it has been folded 13 times with 8192 layers, which cast flexibility and hardness of the blade in a large degree. The visible tenuous undulating grain on the blade was resulted from folded repeatedly during forging, and the clay temper process combines the characters of toughness and flexib..


Musashi Design Tsuba Damascus Steel Oil Quenched Full Tang Blade Japanese Samurai Sword KATANA

This japanese Musashi katana has been handmade by hanbon forge. The full tang blade has been constructed from folded damascus steel which was folded 13 times to create the 8192 layers, showing  a beautiful HADA (the patter of folding the steel), and it has been hand polished multiple with grades of sharpening stones by the Japanese method. The full tang blade has a long HI on each side and a CHU-kissaki on the top. The tsuba(guard) is made from a fine finished alloy with musashi design, and..