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Chinese Sword Dragon Jian Fighting Weapon Damascus Folded Steel Blade Sharp

This Chinese sword Jian is the result of  Damascus folded steel blade, it features beautiful grain pattern (HADA) with visible layers because of 13 times folding-process. The blade comes no-hi (blood grooves), full tang and very sharp. This extremely tough blade will not easily bend or take a set due to the superior heat treatment of the steel. The scabbard and handle are masterfully made with rosewood, with the wood contouring to the shape of the sword. Its sword guard, seppa and matc..


Chinese Sword Jian Damascus Steel Real Hamon Blade Hollow Brass Dragon Fitttings

Jian swords are among the earliest sword types in China and are closely associated with Chinese mythology. In Chinese folklore, it is known as "The Gentleman of Weapons" and is considered one of the four major weapons, along with the staff, spear, and the sabre. This Chinese sword jian is made of Clay tempered Damascus folded steel. There is beautiful grain pattern (HADA) with visible layers you can see on this sword blade because of handmade folding process. There is a visible temper line (hamo..


Dragon Tang Dao Sword Chinese War Famous Weapon Real Hamon Folded Steel Blade 26"

The "Tang Dao" (唐刀) is the general term for the four types of military sword systems in the Tang Dynasty. It features narrow blade, small tsuba, long handle (can be held by both hands). Tang Dao is the army sword, the biggest role is to fight. This Tang Dao is made of Damascus folded steel blade with 13 times folding process, creating 8192 layers folded pattern (HADA). The genuine hamon using traditional clay tempered and hazaya polishing method. The handle and scabbard are black ebony with exqu..


Qin Shi Huang Jian Chinese Sword Damascus Folded Steel Ebony Scabbard Fighting

The blade of the Jian Chinese Sword has been constructed from differentially hardened forge folded 1060 carbon steel. The blade features 8,192 layers of steel, giving the blade visible hada. The blade is full tang with no hi (blood grooves) and comes very sharp. This Jian sword features black ebony wood scabbard and handle, all the fittings are made of pure brass with Qin dynasty patterns.Qin Shi Huang Jian Chinese Sword Damascus Folded Steel Ebony Scabbard Fighting  Features:HanBon Forge C..