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Dragon-Phoenix Jian Sword Chinese Folded Pattern Steel Clay Tempered Blade Ebony Saya

This dragon-Phoenix Sword Jian is clay tempered damascus folded steel, which shows genuine hamon, beautiful Hada (folded pattern) on the blade. The sword's blade is making by the ancient Chinese ways, hand forged and hand sharpened. The scabbard and handle are top quality ebony decorated with exquisite brass fittings. A brown silk cord is tied around the upper half of the scabbard. You can contact us if you need customized blade engravings or other changes. Once complete, item pictures will be s..


Guan Dao Yanyue Kwan Dao Dragon Head Chinese Martial Arts 1095 Carbon Steel Sharp Blade

One of the most iconic of Chinese weapons, the Guan Dao / Yanyue dao (偃月刀) is commonly known as "Guandao". It was named after the famous general Guan Yu, an actual historical figure that was deified as early as the Sui dynasty as a symbol of loyalty and righteousness. This product is made of 1095 high carbon steel with a broad blade and dragon head fittings. Overall length is 246 cm from top to bottom. The handle is made of stainless steel with alloy fittings. Guan Dao Yanyue Kwan Dao Drago..


Handmade Han Jian 1095 High Carbon Steel Chinese Dragon Sword Silver Alloy Tsuba Full Tang

"The Gentleman of Weapons" Chinese Sword Jian (剑) is considered one of the four major weapons, along with the Gun (staff), Qiang (spear), and the Dao (sabre). This sword was made with traditional forging technologies. The blade is 1095 high carbon steel engraved with beautiful patterns. The wood core handle is in black cord wrapped from the guard down, the mouth fits the V shaped hand guard neatly. Scabbard is solid wood decorated with silver alloy ornaments. It can be used by advanced Tai Chi p..


Japanese Samurai Sword Katana 1.26" sori clay tempered blade Dragonfly theme fittings

This Katana swords is fully hand forged by Japanese forging method, the blade is made of 1095 high carbon steel, the whole blade was clay tempered which made the edge of the blade very hard. the fittings is made of brass,  they are forged in dragonfly theme.Japanese Samurai Sword Katana Features:1095 high carbon steel clay tempered blade1.26 inches SORI (curvature of the balde)Full Tang Blade secured by two bamboo megukiHigh Quality Brass Dragonfly theme koshirae Black genuine RAYSKIN ..

$336.00 $306.00

Authentic Chinese Dragon Swords Jian Damascus Steel Eight-Sided Blade Ebony Scabbard

The jian is Chinese straight, double edged sword weapon for training by many styles of Chinese martial arts. The blade of every sword we offer is individually hand forged and polished. This eight-sided blade has been constructed from damascus folded steel, through hardened, and highly hand polished with no hi. The folding pattern is clearly visible. Bamboo peg secure the full tang. The scabbard and handle are top quality ebony with dragon design brass mountings. This Jian sword is functional and..



This excellent japanese samurai KATANA has been hand made by hanbon forge. The full tang blade has been constructed from 1060 high carbon steel with special treated, and it has been laminated in a Maru style. The whole blade was hardened by oil quenched, the black color can prevent the blade from rusting. Normally, the black color will not fade unless you re-polish the blade. It has long HI(blood groove) on each side and a CHU-kissaki on the top. The dragon design tsuba(guard) is made of fine fi..


Black&Red Damascus Oil Quenched Full Tang Blade Dragon Koshirae Japanese Sword KATANA Very Sharp

custom Japanese Sword This sword is made of damascus folded steel with a polished mirror-like surface. The blade is repeatedly heat treated and hand forged to remove impurities, which gives it strength and flexibility. After sharpening, the blade is etched with an oxidation process to give the surface it's red color. It has long HI(blood groove) on each side and a Chu-kissaki on the top of the blade. The blade is hand polished and hand sharpened by 12 steps, so it is also very Sharp..


Chinese Dragon Sword Jian Damascus Folded Pattern Steel Blade Brass Mountings For Sale

The blade of the Jian sword has been constructed from hand forged folded steel, highly hand polished. It is double edged and very sharp. The scabbard is masterfully made with dark ebony wood, with the wood contouring to the shape of the blade. The scabbard is decorated with handcrafted antiqued brass with coiled dragon. The handle is made of ebony, also of crafted brass with a dragon design. This sword is sharpened to allow for cutting exercises.Chinese Dragon Sword Jian Damascus Folded Pattern ..


Chinese Dragon Sword Jian Folded Steel Traditional Handmade Black UNSharp Blade

In Chinese folklore, Jian (剑) is known as "The Gentleman of Weapons" and is considered one of the four major weapons, along with the staff, spear, and the sabre. This  Sword Jian is hand forged by traditional forging technologies. The double-edged straight blade is made from damascus folded steel with special treated by electroplating, the black color on the surface of blade not only looks beautiful, but also can prevent the blade from rusting. Blade measures 77cm, with decorative gold patt..


Dragon Phoenix Sword Antiqued Chinese Jian Brass Metal Guard 8-Side Folded Steel Blade Sharp

This Jian sword is finished with a replica of an antique brass fittings with hand carved dragon & phoenix design patterns. The blade is eight-sided and is highly polished forge folded steel with around 8,192 layers. A brown silk cord is tied around the upper half of the scabbard. The scabbard throat has been seamlessly fitted to the guard. The guard is also hand carved brass, and displays intricately detailed dragon and phoenix. The handle is made of ebony, with exquisite brass fittings. Thi..


Handmade Jian Chinese Warring States Sword Folded Steel Carved Dragon Brass Fittings

This is the traditional handmade Chinese Warring States dragon Jian sword. The blade is eight-sided and is highly polished forge folded steel, creating beautiful grain like patterns in the steel. Using the fold forging method was to tranaform iron in to high quality steel and make the blade more strong. The scabbard and handle are masterfully made with ebondy wood. A black silk cord is tied around the upper half of the scabbard with a handcrafted carrying clip with a dragon motif. The guard is a..


Top Sword DAO Folded Steel Chinese Martial Arts Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade Guandao Sharp

The Green Dragon Crescent Blade (Chinese: 青龍偃月刀 yanyuedao) was a legendary weapon wielded by Guan Yu, a great commander during the Three Kingdoms period. It is a guandao, a type of traditional Chinese weapon. The weapon's shaft features a Green Dragon biting the blade with a dragon pattern carved into the blade. With this weapon, one can attack the enemy with a strong attack which fully utilizes the reach of its long blade. The blade is traditional handmade multiple folded steel, full tang. The ..