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Dragon Jian Chinese Sword Hazuya Polish Blade Damascus Folded Steel

The Jian sword is the result of a hazuya polishing blade using our damascus folded steel. The eight sided blade is hand made of 1060 steel which is folded 13 times and created 8192 layers grain pattern (HADA). The scabbard and handle are hard rosewood, it features brass mountings with ancient three-colour dragon design. It can be used by advanced Tai Chi practitioners, Kung Fu stylists, or those who may want to test its cutting capabilities. Dragon Jian Chinese Sword Hazuya Polish Blade Dam..


Chinese Jian Sword Dragon Design Traditional Hand Folded Steel Blade Genuine Rayskin Sheath

This Jian named Qing Yi Jian(清衣剑);The blade of the Dragon Design Jian (剑) has been constructed in the Damascus Steel folding technique, which is folded 13 times and creating 8,192 layers folded pattern. The hamon of the sword is authentic after claying tempered. It features full tang. The guard and matching fittings are made of brass with hand carving dragon design. The scabbard and handle are hard wood wrapped with black genuine rayskin. this is a nice traditional handmade sword for collection...


Chinese Ruyi Sword Jian Damascus Folded Steel Ebony Wood Sheath Full Tang Handmade

In ancient China, "Ruyi"(如意)has a wide range of uses. It means everything goes smoothly and auspicious. Ruyi jian as its name implies everything goes well and good luck. This Ruyi jian is made of folded steel which is folded by 13 times with 8192 graceful HADA layers. This traditional sword forging method involves repeatedly heating, hammering and folding the swords steel. The effect of this work evens out and homogenises the carbon content, making for a stronger, more flexible blade. There is a..