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Authentic Chinese Dragon Swords Jian Damascus Steel Eight-Sided Blade Ebony Scabbard

The jian is Chinese straight, double edged sword weapon for training by many styles of Chinese martial arts. The blade of every sword we offer is individually hand forged and polished. This eight-sided blade has been constructed from damascus folded steel, through hardened, and highly hand polished with no hi. The folding pattern is clearly visible. Bamboo peg secure the full tang. The scabbard and handle are top quality ebony with dragon design brass mountings. This Jian sword is functional and..


Handmade Jian Chinese Sword Damascus Steel Hazuya Polish Clay Tempered Blade Fighting

This Jian sword is made of Damascus folded steel, 13 times folding process makes the blade a better cutter, flexibility and more durable. The hamon is authentic all the way up to the tip. 13 times hazuya polishing process makes the hamon and more visible, bright. This Jian sword can be used by advanced Tai Chi practitioners, Kung Fu stylists, or those who may want to test its cutting capabilities. Hand carving guard, fuchi and fittings are all made of brass with the highest standards. This Jian ..