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Folded Steel Katana Handmade Japanese Samurai Sword Clay Tempered Blade

The blade of this katana has been constructed of forge folded steel, the blade has been hand polished using Japanese water stones. The hamon and folding lines are clearly visible. It has a longer and more pointed kissaki, the blade is full tang. The habaki is one piece brass construction. The seppas are copper. The tsuba is solid brass that is wave design. The Tsuka is constructed of hard wood over the tang of the blade with black ito and authentic samegawa. Two bamboo mekugi secures the tang to..


Folded steel katana samurai japanese eagle sword full tang blade leather tsuka-ito

The blade is made with flexible folded damascus steel which has a superior heat treatment. This is so that the user does not have to worry so much about the sword bending or taking a set from a bad cut. The blade features 8192 layers of steel, giving the blade a beautiful hada. A Bo-Hi has been added to the top of the blade to better balance the blade and give audible feedback when the sword is swung. There is medium niku on the blade, making the blade appropriate for medium traditional targets...